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Welcome to Our Site!!!
(and you MAY call me Shirley!!)
There are sooo many wonderful sites out here,
with all kinds of vital, fascinating and/or
fun information on them, that we thought
we would keep this simple!!

We just wanted someplace where our friends,
met and unknown yet,
could come to visit!!
When we lost our Fur Angel Morgan
on May 5th, 1999,
we decided to include
a page on the Rainbow Bridge,
which we found to be invaluable
when we lost our little girl!!
So, we felt it was worthy of repeating here!!
So, if you would take a few minutes
to visit us here, and sign our guestbook,
so we know that you were indeed here,
We'd really appreciate your time!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Just click on any button to visit that page,
Then use the navigation buttons
to move thru the site!!
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They're HERE!!!
More Pics of the Mountain Kitties!!
6/20/04: We finally got those pics up ~
So all the Mountain Kitties now have their
pictures up for everyone to see!!
We only have Papa-San with us now as we
had to leave the rest where we found them
but Papa-San is the joy of our life!!!
To see the pictures of all our 'Mountain Kitties',
purrrlease click on the image below.
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
Oooooohhhhh, Even COOLER!!
Thanks to our new furiends Janet, Midnight, Andre and Princess,
who have one on their site that gave us the idea ...
(A link to their site is in our Guestbook ~ go visit them too!!)
made out of one of our Snow Pictures!!
So, fur those of you who aren't as thrilled with the snow
as we are, purrhaps you'd like to play with our puzzle!!
And if you DO love the snow like us, you'll really like it!!
It took Meowmie a little ofur thirty minutes to put it together,
and while she may not be a genius, she's a fair puzzler!!
To try your paw at our cool new toy,
purrlease click on the button below!
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
AND LOOK!! We just received some lovely NEW Awards!!!
TWO from Janet, Midnight, Andre and Princess
of Midnight's Homepage
And one from Sonia, Foxy and Mackenzie
of Foxy and Mackenzie's Cat Site
Purrlease click here to see them and purrlease
don't furget to click on them and visit the wonderful sites
that gave them to us!! Our Awards Page
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
They're HERE!!! ~ Pictures of the SNOW!!
Yes, meowmie's prayers were answered
and we got that snow she wanted so furry much!!
And we made a special page to show efurryone!!
To see the pictures of our 'Winter Wonderland',
purrrlease click on the image below.
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
Our Apologies!
We wish to apologize to all our furiends
fur not keeping our site furry up to date anymore!
Unfurtunately, meowmie no longer has time
to purrticipate in kitty activities
and update our site on a regular basis!
We of course still love all of you furry much
and miss all our furiends, but there is just not enough
time in the day to do all we would like to do.
Meowmie is furry busy with her website design business
and enjoying her new life as a 'mountain girl'!
And I am busy trying to adjust to
all the new kitties around here that
meowmie insists on inviting into MY house
to eat MY food and sleep in all MY favorite spots!!
We just love living up here ~ it is so furry beautiful
with lots of furry cool trees and rocks
and sunsets and stars and other beauties of nature
that we are spending more time just enjoying our home!!
The disadvantage is that it takes more time to do
anything as it is a half hour to the nearest 'civilization',
which means that if we want a soda
or to get more cat food,
it takes over an hour and usually more,
which takes up time that we used to spend
on the internet with our furiends!
So, between meowmie's business
and our obsession with our new home
and the increased drive times all combined,
we have found ourselves with no time
left ofur fur our little site.
We will howefur be putting up pictures from time to time
of our wonderful new home and the land around it
and all the new kitty furiends we have made up here!
To see some pictures of our new home,
purrrlease click on the image below.
Purrlease check back occasionally to see
new pictures of our home and our new furiends
as we will be adding them as we take them!!
(Meowmie has developed a love of pictures up here
because there are so many
supurrr things to take pictures of!!)
Thanks fur understanding and we love you all furry much!!
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
Many kitties worked furry hard with many other kitties
to bring you this unique and exciting event!!
Hosted by the BFCC, this event was
THE highlight of the Fall!!
Purrlease click on the Goblet below
to attend this clever event and eat some wonderful food,
play games, see all the wonderful costumes
and have yourself Ye Goode Olde Tyme!!!
To visit this awesome new club
to see if you'd like to become a memfur
just click on the Lobster below!!
This is a FUN new site that
just launched this month also!!
Created by Nancy of 'Reflections of Bo'
and Flo of 'Flo's Cat Page' this cute new site
will feature many different kitty adventures and
be a wonderful place to make new Furriends!!
And they already have TWO amewsing adventures posted!!
'Zena and Stan's European Cruise 2000'
and 'The Girls' Downtown Adventure'
are sure to entertain you.
And they would love it if you wanted to post
your furry own adventure there fur efurryone to see!!
To visit this charming site and
read all about these adventuresome kitties,
and find out how to post your own adventure
just click on the Furriends below!!
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
Furry sad news indeed. Our furry good furiend Boomer
has joined Studley and Morgan and all the other
wonderful kitties at the Rainbow Bridge.
Purrlease click here to pay your respects.
Or here to celebrate his life and his 7th birthday.
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
Well, due to the fact that meowmie and I are still
really heartbroken ofur the loss of our Studley,
we are afuraid we completely missed the month of August.
Our sincere apologies to all.
=^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^= =^, ,^=
We had some furry sad news to report in July.
On the 24th of July, at 12:05PM,
our wonderful Studley made his peaceful journey to
the Rainbow Bridge, after a short bout with liver cancer.
He was 15 years old and a furry sweet kitty.
He was loved by many and will be deeply missed.
We take great comfort in knowing that he
is now with his beloved Morgan, who left us
a little ofur a year ago from the same illness,
and from the support of our many wonderful furiends.
Purrlease do him the honor of visiting his
Tribute page, by clicking on the rainbow button below.
Click Here to visit our Tribute to our beautiful little boy!
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Click Here to visit our Easter Page!!
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Click Here to go to the CLAW Earth Day 2000 Festivities!!
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Be sure to check out our SPECIAL Pages, too!!
Cat Friends is a page where
You can meet some of our new friends,
(A couple of them are even D*GS!!!)
And our Events Page will tell you about
All THE places to be to PARTY and have FUN!!!
We also have a touching Tribute Page
For our little Fur Angel Morgan!!!
PLEASE click on the heart below
To see this beautiful page!!
Thank you!!

We have created an Original Award for YOU to give out!!
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And once you are finished here,
PLEASE visit the other sites on our Links Page!!
OR take a journey
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NOTE 6/20/2004:

Sadly, we had to close our guestbook. This site for the most part is inactive, now that I am a professional web designer full time, and while I enjoy it as a tribute to my wonderful cats (Doodle is still around and doing great, btw and so is Papa-San) - but the majority of entries I've been getting lately have been from nasty spammers trying to advertise their MLM or porn site, and I just don't have the time to keep deleting sick messages!! But we would just LOVE it if you wanted to e-mail us if you like this site and want to let us know - or if you have any questions, comments or stories you'd like to share. Thanks for your understanding - and please do drop us a line if you'd like, ok?? >*.*<

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Studley and Doodle were
Purrrroud memfurs of CLAW!!
In March 2000, we became
Viscount Studley and Viscountess Doodle!!
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NOTE: CLAW closed at the end of August
but many of the Guilds and Groups
have remained intact and active,
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