And May The Luck Of The Irish Be With You!!!

Welcome to our Saint Patrick's Day Page!!!

Well, they say that there's a Pot of Gold at the end of every rainbow, and we believe that we have already found OUR Pot of Gold, and that it is all our furry wonderful furiends!!!
Thank you fur being our furiends!!!
We treasure your furiendship as if it were gold!!!

So ... Let's Celebrate!!!

You could play a jig

Or dance with a pig

Look fur some gold

Or be furry bold

You could sing 'The Irish Rover'

Or find a four leaf clover

Maybe drink some green beer

And fall on your rear

But no matter what you choose
You know you can't lose

So long as you keep your furiends near!!!

So, we'd like to wish the furry best to all our furiends, and remind them to drink O'Drool, the nipless beer!!!

And don't furget to ....



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(The midi playing is 'Saint Anne's Reel')