"You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel




And we're hoping that SOME awards will be 'meant for us'!!! ;)


Studley has created an award of his furry own to give out to deserving sites!!! Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to check it out!!!


And this is our Very First Award!!! Received 7/31/99 (Thank you, Dee!!!)


And this is our Second Award!!! Received 8/1/99 (Thank you, Frances!!!)


And LOOK!!! We received this prestigious honor from Tripod!!!

They chose our site as 'Best of Cats Pod' for August 1999!!!

Received 8/21/99 (Thank you, Tripod!!!)


of POD


WOW!!! We are furry purrrrrroud!!! We have received TWO awards from The Society of Meditative Cats!!! (Thank you, Patricia!!!)


This award is for our site in general!!! Received 8/29/99


And this is a Special Award they gave us for our Special Causes page!!! Received 8/29/99


This is a beautiful award we received from MerryDon, who has a great site promoting a furry worthy cause!! Please visit his site and support his endeavors!!!! Received 9/2/99 (Thank you, Don!!!)



And we just received this beautiful award from the Precious Kittens site!!! It's all the way from Portugal!!! Received 9/10/99 (Thank you, Flora!!!)



And this adorable award, we shamelessly begged for, because we just had to have those two cute faces on our site!!! Received 9/12/99 (Thank you, Chris!!!)


And this great award is from Stacey, who is 7 years old and has her own site!!! And she is as sweet as she is cute!!! Received 9/15/99 (Thank you, Stacey!!!)


WOW!!! A wonderful site called TwoTuxCats has been so kind as to give us TWO beautiful awards!!! (Thank you, Christy!!!)


This adorable award is for our site in general!!! Received 9/16/99


And this lovely award is for our pages dedicated to our Fur Angel Morgan!!! Received 9/16/99


Look!!! This 'COOL' Award was given to us by our CLAW pal from Minnesota, Leo!!! Received 10/07/99 (Thank you, Sandy!!!)


And this purrrrty award was given to us by our CLAW furiends, Ms. Bonnie Le'Purr (who is now a Fur Angel) and Ms. Pepper Mille'!!! Received 10/07/99 (Thank you, Muriel!!!)


Another special CLAW friend Boomer, who is also a 'Minnesota Kitty', gave us this beautiful award!!! Received 10/22/99 (Thank you, Carla!!!)


This great award was given to us by our furiends, the LuvKittys!!! Received 11/03/99 (Thank you, Judy!!!)


And this was a nice surprise!!! Our furiends at Linda's Kountry Pugs gave us this lovely award!!! Received 11/04/99 (Thank you, Linda!!!)


This beautiful award was given to us by Gingercats, our CLAW furiends Nikki and Nichie's older and wiser sisfur!!! Received 2/8/00 (Thank you, Sue!!!)


Oh LOOK!!! Midnight's Homepage site has given us two very special awards!! (Thank you, Janet!!!)


This great award is for our site in general!!! Received 3/21/01


And this lovely award was given to us because we adopted our wonderful Mountain Kitties!! Received 3/21/01
(We are SO blessed to have our wonderful Mountain Kitties,
it's a little odd to accept an award for loving them so much!!)


And this great award was given to us by Foxy and Mackenzie's Cat Site!! Received 3/21/01 (Thank you, Sonia!!!)




Studley's Golden Award for Page Excellence!!!

For Excellent Sites that Studley will select himself!!

If YOU would like to win this prestigious Award,
Just be sure to enter the URL of your site
In our Guestbook when you sign it!!
And Studley will visit your site, and check it out!!!

And if he decides your site meets his 'criteria'
(Whatever THAT is!!! ~G~)
He will send you his Award by e-mail!!!



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