"Baby Baby" by Amy Grant


This is Zepplin Rose!! She is 9 yrs old. She's the baby!!
Zeppy came to me via a good friend of mine that could no longer keep her. We were roomates at the time, then she moved out and left her with me. Besides the fact that she couldn't have cats where she was going, while we were together, Zepplin had been adopted by my two cats, Morgan and Studley!! At first of course, they were wary of each other, but soon they were like one little happy family!
As you can see, she is a beautiful little girl, with her muted markings and cream-colored eyeliner!! She is truly the baby!! She loves it when you talk 'baby-talk' to her. She lays in the middle of the floor, and when you start talking baby-talk, she rolls over on her back, and curls around in a half-moon, and tucks up her little paws, and I always tell her that 'She's the cutest little kitty in the middle of the living room floor'!! Then she'll try to look even cuter!!
And she loves to be petted ...... but ONLY on her head!! When you try to pet her anywhere else, she'll let you for like 10 seconds, then turn and pretend to nip at you, and run away!! But if you pet her on the head, she'll let you do just about anything!! You can pull on her ears or stick your fingers in them, or massage her head (with as much pressure as for a human!!), even over her eyes or along her jawline, and she will get this little look of utter contentment on her face and purr like crazy!! (I call it 'mauling her head'!!) And the only reason you stop is because YOUR hands are tired!!
And she is the 'Greeter Girl'!! She knows the sound of our vehicles, and when we come home she gets up and runs to the door, to be there to greet us as we walk in!!
She's our sweet little baby, and Studley's best buddy!! I think no matter how many cats I get, she will always be my baby!!
SPECIAL NOTE: Gee, I feel soooo bad!! Doodle has just informed me, by way of doing it, that I have neglected to mention one of the cutest things she does!! She ALWAYS drinks water from her paw!! She cups it, and dips it in the water bowl, and then drinks from her paw!! It is soooo cute, I just had to share it with you!!! And my sincere apologies to my little girl for forgetting to tell you!!


Hey!!! Guess what???
Doodle is now a purrrrrrroud memfur of CLAW!!!
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