"Mixed Emotions" by The Rolling Stones



Hello There!!
Well, these are some stories about kitties that
I thought you might enjoy!!
Some are amewsing & will make you laugh,
Some are touching & may bring a tear to your eye!!
Some I have written myself,
And some have been kindly contributed by others!!
So, get a beverage and a snack, and get comfy,
And take a few minutes out of your day
To smile, or shed a tear or two, or both!!
Be sure to check back occasionally,
as stories will be added either as I think of them,
or as they are given to me!!
If you have a story you would like to add,
please send it to me via e-mail,
with 'Cat Tales' as the Subject,
and if Studley and Doodle like it,
I'll add it to the page!!


Doodle's Bath
Nine At One Time
Prayers ARE Answered
Snake Wars



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