"Whitebird" by It's A Beautiful Day

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This incredibly beautiful picture
was created especially fur us
by the LuvKittys' meowmie, Judy!!

Please visit her wonderful site
by clicking on her furry talented work above!!

Thank you, Judy
from the bottom of our hearts fur your kindness
in making this lovely picture fur us!!
Meowmie has been so heartbroken that
it has been difficult fur her to work,
so this is a furry special gift

As the flame burns eternally
So he will remain in our hearts!!

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This inspiring Rainbow Candle
was kindly given to us
by The Crowley Cats and their meowmie, Pat
In remembrance of our Studley!!

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by clicking on Studley's candle above!!

Thank you, Crowley Cats and Pat
fur this furry thoughtful gift!!

It is such a comfort to meowmie and me
that we have so many wonderful, caring furiends
that have been so supportive of us
in our time of sorrow and grieving.
Thank you all so furry much from both of us
fur your kind words, lovely cards, and concern.

And here are some of our favorite pictures
of our little boy that we have included here
to honor his memory.

We will ALWAYS remember you, Sweet Boy!

Meowmie's favorite picture of her precious little boy! Doodle's favorite picture of her sweet loving brofur!

We love you so much little boy,
and although there is a huge emptiness in our lives
where you used to be, we are so happy fur you
that you are in such a wonderful place
and sharing it with your beloved Morgan.

And so, until we meet again, sweet Studley, remember we love you,
and fly free like the White Bird.

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