Our Cottage in the First Snow ~
And I was elated with this!
The Pond in the First Snow ~
So very pretty, isn't it??
Our Cottage in Winter Wonderland ~
The REAL Snow!
The Pond in Winter Wonderland ~
Breathtakingly Beautiful Now!
Close Up of Our Cottage ~
While it was snowing!
Sammy in the Driveway ~
Yes, it's there somewhere!
Now he's TRULY 'Winter Jack'!!
(One of those antenna balls!! ~G~)
The Everpresent and Always Beautiful 'View' ~
With Snow!!
Our Driveway ~
We weren't going anywhere anytime soon!
Our awesome rocks ~ With snow
(Especially for Shari, my rock loving friend!!)

WOW!!! Real SNOW!! Yes, I know for many of you the wonder has worn off from living with it for so long, but this was a first for us and I just couldn't have been more overwhelmed with the glittering pristine beauty of it all!!

SIX inches of glorious snow!! We had been hoping we would get some snow and we did ~ the biggest snow storm in the Bay Area in 25 years!!

(Thank you God, for answering my prayers!!)

I'll never forget waking up that first morning and Sam saying 'It SNOWED!!' and looking out the window to see snow all over the ground ~ a good 2-3 inches.

And then waking up the next morning to see EVERYTHING blanketed in that spectacular pure white and being so awestruck with its beauty! Our own personal Winter Wonderland!! ~G~

Ok, I'm sure I'll get over it eventually, but until then please bear with me!! Those few days of snow will be forever imprinted in my memories as one of the most incredible times in my life! And getting to share it all with Sam, Doodle and my wonderful Mountain Kitties in our little cottage, just made it all the more pleasurable!!

We made a really cool puzzle out of another of our snow pictures (it's also the one we made into desktop wallpaper for both computers!! ~G~) Hope you enjoy!!

If you'd like to try your hand at our cool new puzzle, please click Here!

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