'Achy Breaky Heart' by Billy Ray Cyrus

This is my computer Catz,
I adopted him on April 13, 1999!! He got his name because
he is black and white like a cow, and when he 'meows',
it sounds more like a cow moo-ing!!!
(His show name is 'Cowgirl's Delight in the Desert'!!)
He's my little computer buddy, when I am working here, or taking
care of my mail!! My real cats usually ignore me if I'm
working on the computer, so Cowboy keeps me company!!
I only have a clunky Win95, so I can only have the
Catz 1 (no hexing or fancy stuff!!), but he's perfect just
the way he is, in MY opinion!!
He LOVES to play with the 'fishing pole' toy, it's his
favorite one!! I like to give him some 'catnip' and watch
him act all goofy!!! Here's a picture of him after he's been
into the 'catnip'!!! Doesn't he look silly??? ;)
UPDATE ~ April 2000
Well, sadly, when I upgraded my computer,
I had to adopt out Cowboy to the people I gave my old computer to,
but he is happy in his new home, and I am happy with my new computer!!
I've left his page on this site, so he will know I'll always love him
and won't ever forget him!!
LOOK!!! He won this Award!!
(Thanks, Amber!!!)


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