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Initial Financial Planning Form

This form will help you see exactly what income and assets you have and the expenses and liabilities you are responsible for. You can just fill it out for your own knowledge, to help you see how your finances balance, or print it out and fill it out on paper.

If you would like us to analyze your finances for you, to help you better determine how to manage your money, just fill in the form completely and click the send button at the bottom to e-mail it to us.

If you choose to do this, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis, detailing where you could be investing your money to increase your assets and income, and ways to decrease your specific liabilities and expenses.

NOTE: Since many of these terms may be unclear or confusing, we have provided a Glossary of Terms. All terms defined in the Glossary are marked with an asterisk (*) after them.

To access our Glossary of Terms page, please click on the icon below and a new window will pop-up, enabling you to look up a term without having to leave the form page. Then, so you can reference the Glossary whenever you like while filling out the form, you can just minimize the Glossary Page, and recall it from your Start Bar whenever you need to look up another term.

**If a specific item does not apply to you, ie: if you rent and it is an item pertaining to a homeowner, PLEASE put in 'N/A', so we will know that you intentionally did not fill in that space, rather than overlooking it.**

Thank you very much.

If you would prefer to print out this form and send it to us via snail mail,
please click on the button below for a 'printer friendly' version.

You will have the option of opening and printing it online and filling it in by hand,
or you can choose to save it to your computer, fill it out and then print it ~
whichever you prefer and would find to be the easiest method for you.

Click Here for a Printer Friendly Version of this Form.


Your Name Birthdate/Year Age
Spouse Name Birthdate/Year Age
* Ages of Dependent Children
E-Mail Address Do you rent or own the residence you currently live in?
Own Rent


Cash on Hand* Home Mortgage - Unpaid*
Checking Account Other Real Estate Loans*
Savings Account Business Loan*
Certificate of Deposit* Auto Loan*
Stock Investments* Student Loan*
Bond Investments* Personal Loan*
Mutual Funds* Other Loan*
Life Insurance* Life Insurance Loan*
Residence Market Value* Credit Cards*
Other Real Estate* Debts to Others*
Personal Items* NET WORTH
Automobiles* Total Assets minus total Liabilities
Debts Owed You* equals your current Net Worth.
Estate/Trust Interest* Total Assets


Gross Wages* Mortgage/Rent Pymts*
Gross Commissions* Real Estate Payments*
Interests* Auto Loan Payments*
Dividends* Student Loan Payments*
Rental Income* Personal Loan Payments*
Alimony/Child Support* Misc. Loan Payments*
Tips/Gratuities* Combined Utilities*
Government Assistance* Food*
Other* Health Care Items*
TOTAL INCOME Toiletries/House Items*
  Auto Insurance Pymts*
  Health Insurance Pymts*
  Auto Maintenance*
  Home Owner's Expenses*
  Pet Care*
  Credit Card Payments*
  Charity Donations*
  Life Insurance Pymts*
  Misc. Daily Expenses*
  Other Expenses*

Once you have finished filling out the form, please click on the Next button below or one of the links at the top of the page to discover the various methods you can employ to improve your financial future.

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