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Perfect Paws Pet Rescue carefully screens each potential home to find the right family for each of our pets.

Every pet has a different personality, traits and needs, so we carefully screen to make sure that the home they go to can meet their needs, will be a good personality match and has a high potential as a permanent home for the pet.

If you've adopted from us before please click directly to the Adoption Form.

Perfect Paws Pet Rescue's Adoption Guidelines:

  • You must be 18 years of age and have a current, valid photo ID to adopt from Perfect Paws Pet Rescue
  • You will need to have proof that all adults living in your household have knowledge of and have consented to you bringing a pet into the household.
  • We will conduct an interview, which will include many questions about your family, your lifestyle and your home. We will also ask you questions to be sure you understand your responsibilities and will be able to deal with any special needs the pet may have.
  • If you rent, you must bring a written approval from your landlord, including your landlord's full name, complete address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • We reserve the right to conduct an inspection of the residence where pet will live.
  • We ask you to provide references and reserve the right to contact those references.
  • You will also be required to read and sign an adoption agreement.
  • You will be expected to pay an Adoption Fee* of $200 [ - except for older pets [over 5 years old] which are no fee pets in an attempt to encourage people to adopt our older pets - since most people prefer a puppy or younger dog]
  • If you are adopting a 'no-fee' pet, we would very much appreciate a donation to our rescue!

*If you are wondering why we have such strict guidelines, or charge adoption fees, please check out our Perfect Paws FAQ - where these questions - and many others we are most frequently asked - will be answered for you!

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General Living Situation
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* Which family members will be responsible for your new pet?
* Where will pet be kept when you are not home?
If Other, please explain in detail:
* How many hours per day will your pet be alone outdoors?
* Where will your new pet sleep?
Additional Information
* Have you ever surrendered a pet to Anyone? Yes No
If yes, please explain in detail:
* Are you now or have you ever been a breeder? Yes No
* How long have you been looking for a pet?
* What brand of heartworm/flea meds are/were your pets on?
* Will you keep pet current on all vaccinations/check ups? Yes No
* Do you agree to get your pet spayed/neutered? Yes No
* How much do you plan on spending on your pet yearly?²
² Please include food, grooming, license, vaccinations and medical care
* If you move in the future, what will you do with your pet(s)?
* If you go on vacation, what will you do with your pet(s)?
* What form of discipline will you use on your pet?
* If pet is a dog, what are your feelings about pet obedience training?
If pet is a dog, will you take them to training classes? Yes No
* If pet is a dog, what are your feelings about crate training?
* How will you deal with a housebreaking accident while you are home?
* What about if it happens when you are not at home?
* What if pet chews or scratches something inappropriate?
* How do you feel about us checking up on pet after the adoption?
* What are some of the things you enjoy most about having a pet?
* Why did you choose to adopt from a rescue instead of breeder or store?
Additional Comments:
* How did you find out about Perfect Paws Pet Rescue?
If Other, please explain how you heard about us:
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Your electronic signature below serves as acknowledgement that this is a sincere inquiry, and that all information provided is true, correct and complete.  On the Internet an Electronic Signature carries the same legal weight as if you were signing your name to a printed document. To complete this form, please provide your electronic signature below by typing your name in the box, then submit the form.

Thank you from the staff - and all of our Adorable Adoptables - here at Perfect Paws Pet Rescue!!

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