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About Perfect Paws Pet Rescue

What is Perfect Paws Pet Rescue?

We are a no kill rescue in the Fort Wayne IN area that is striving to rescue as many pets as we possibly can and place them in forever homes! Not having a physical building for our pet rescue has not slowed us down in the least!! All of our adorable adoptables are in wonderful foster homes throughout our area, where we love, care for and house stray pets and pets doomed at kill shelters, until we can find them forever homes. Our ultimate goal is: No More Homeless Pets!

Who is Perfect Paws Pet Rescue?

Perfect Paws Pet Rescue is dedicated animal lovers who are trying to make a difference ...

Tammy Derickson

Hi, I am Tammy and like most people involved in rescue, I have been a life long animal lover. There is no animal I don't love. As a child I wanted to be a veterinarian. When that path didn't work out, I went the next best route, rescue and training.

I owned and trained 6 Labrador Retrievers, both obedience and some field training. As my Labs aged and finally crossed the rainbow bridge, I went a different direction. Currently, I have two black toy poodles ages 8 and 5. My 5 year old has been diagnosed with retinal atrophy and will soon be totally blind. Sadly, this is a genetic condition and is most often caused by excessive inbreeding. I also have adopted a rescue male cat that is 8 years old.

Poodles require grooming and I was introduced to a young lady who is a groomer and the founder of another all breed rescue. I began taking my poodles to this young lady for grooming and became more and more involved in rescue at this other all breed rescue. During our time at this other all breed rescue we successfully adopted about 100 pets in a 5 month period. I then decided to form my own pet rescue and Perfect Paws Pet Rescue was born. Along with our very busy rescue efforts, I achieved my certification as a dog trainer from the Animal Behavior College in August of 2005.

Thank you from the staff - and all of our Adorable Adoptables - here at Perfect Paws Pet Rescue!!

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