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Foster Home Application Form

If you are interested in applying to be a Foster Home for Perfect Paws, please read the following Perfect Paws Foster Home Agreement. Once you have read the Agreement, if you still wish to apply, please fill out the short form below that, electronically sign the form, which is legally binding and acknowledges that you have read the Agreement in full and accept our terms and conditions, and submit the form to us. We will review your application and be in touch with you soon! Thank you for your willingness to help Perfect Paws. We are grateful for your interest.


This Pet Foster Care Agreement is entered into between Perfect Paws Search & Rescue, a non-profit organization ("PPSR" "We" "Us"), and the undersigned ("Caretaker" "You" "Your"). In consideration of the mutual promises in this Agreement, PPSR and the Caretaker acknowledge that the following terms and conditions regarding the fostering of either puppies, dogs, kittens or cats ("Fostered Pet") in Your home are legally binding.

1. THE FOSTER CARE You will provide the Foster Care in Your home at the address You provide in the Form at the end of this Agreement, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Your Foster Care for Fostered Pets will be comprised of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Providing daily wholesome pet food and water
  • Providing a clean and grassy area or litterbox for elimination
  • Providing a warm, safe place inside Your home
  • Under NO circumstances will Fostered Pets EVER be left outside unattended, chained or tethered
  • Administering medications, if needed
  • Transporting Fostered Pets to/from the veterinarian, if necessary
  • Transporting Fostered Pets to/from the Spay/Neuter Clinic to be altered prior to adoption
  • Transporting Fostered Pets to/from Meet & Greet events or arranging for pick-up and return
  • Socializing and playing with Fostered Pets
  • Working on housebreaking/potty training [for dogs]
  • Working on very basic obedience; no, sit, come, and walking on a leash [for dogs]

2. VETERINARY CARE Whenever possible You will use PPSR's usual veterinarian for Fostered Pets: Dupont Veterinary Clinic, 260-489-7100, 534 East Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825. You need to indicate that You are a foster for this pet for Perfect Paws for us to get our discount. You will telephone Tammy Derickson @ 260-341-5229 for pre-approval of non-emergency veterinary care OR to advise them of any emergencies involving Fostered Pets.

3. COSTS AND EXPENSES PPSR will provide food for Fostered Pets and pay all veterinary treatment costs that may be incurred for Fostered Pets during the Foster Care; provided that we have given You prior approval by telephone for such treatment, except in the event of a medical emergency in which case You will use Your best judgement in the matter. You will give us the receipts from the veterinarian for the emergency care and medications. Any other supplies You purchase such as toys, rawhide chews, pet beds, will not be reimbursed and be considered a donation. You are providing the Foster Care out of Your love for pets, and as a volunteer, at no charge to PPSR.

4. LIABILITY PPSR is not liable for any bodily injury or property damage, losses or injuries whatsoever to You or other persons, or to Your or another person's animals and pets, caused by the actions, behavior or health of Fostered Pets, or arising out the Foster Care. You are not liable to PPSR for any injuries to, illness or disappearance of Fostered Pets arising out of the Foster Care, EXCEPT if such injuries, illness or disappearance are caused by or arise out of Your gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

5. VACCINATIONS PPSR represents that, except for pets under 4 months old, Fostered Pets are current on the following medical procedures and treatments:

  • DHLPP Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Intratrac (kennel cough) Vaccination
  • Advantage (flea control) Treatments
  • Spayed/Neutered

6. RETURNING DOGS You agree to contact us immediately in the event that You are no longer able or willing to provide Foster Care to any or all of Fostered Pets. You will continue to care for Fostered Pets for a reasonable period until we are able to make other arrangements for Fostered Pets. You will cooperate with us arranging a mutually satisfactory time for us to pick up Fostered Pets being returned. You will under NO circumstances entrust the care of Fostered Pets to any other person, relocate Fostered Pets, or surrender them to any Animal Shelter.

7. LOANED EQUIPMENT AND/OR SUPPLIES Any equipment such as crates, carriers, ex-pens that PPSR has temporarily provided for Foster Care will be returned by You in good, clean condition at the end of the Foster Care period, or whenever PPSR requests them be returned. If foregoing items are lost, stolen or damaged beyond normal wear and tear as a result of Your negligence or misconduct, You will promptly pay PPSR the replacement price to purchase new items.

8. ENTIRE AGREEMENT, BINDING EFFECT The Agreement is the entire Agreement between You and PPSR. This Agreement, signed by both You and PPSR, binds You and PPSR to all terms listed in this Agreement.

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Foster Home Application Form
Your Information
* Name & Spouse's Name
* Street Address
* City/State/Zip
* E-Mail Address
* Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone
Your References
* Personal Reference
* Street Address
* City/State/Zip
* Phone Number
* Your Veterinarian (where Your pet's records are kept)
* Vet's Phone Number
Foster Pet Info
If You know which pet[s] ("Fostered Pets") You would like to accept for temporary boarding and foster care for a period ending upon the adoption of Fostered Pets, unless Fostered Pets are returned to us earlier as provided in Paragraph 6 above, please describe the pet[s] below: [PLEASE NOTE: If You don't know which pet You would like to foster, please leave blank and this will be decided upon Your acceptance as a Foster Home. Thank you.]
Name Breed Age Sex Description
* Describe the type of pet You prefer to foster:
* Do You want to foster a dog or a cat? Dog Cat
* Would You prefer a male or a female pet? Male Female Either
* Please describe the qualities most important to You:
* What issues are You NOT willing to deal with? (Please check all that apply) Dog Agression Cat Agression Not Good with Small Children Separation Anxiety Overprotectiveness House Training Problems Excessive Barking Chewing (dogs) Scratching (cats) Shyness None Other
If Other, please explain:
General Living Situation
* Do You live in: House Apartment Other
If Other, please explain:
* Do You own or rent Your home? Own Rent
Household Information
* How many live in adults?   * Do You have children? Yes No
If children, please specify how many and their ages:
* Do You currently or have You had any other pets? Yes No
Your Pet History (Please list all pets you've owned in the last 5 years)
Name Breed Age Sex S/N¹ Where Obtained? Where Now?
¹ S/N = Spayed or Neutered - Please indicate Y for Yes or N for No
* Do You have a 'pet door'? Yes No
* Do You have a fenced in yard? Yes No
If yes, please specify height of fence:
* Is anyone in Your household allergic to pets? Yes No
* Do You run a Daycare in Your home? Yes No
* Which family members will be responsible for Fostered Pet?
* Where will Fostered Pet be kept when You are not home?
If Other, please explain in detail:
* How many hours per day will Fostered Pet be alone outdoors?
* Where will Fostered Pet sleep?
Additional Information
* Have You ever surrendered a pet to Anyone? Yes No
If yes, please explain in detail:
* Are You now or have You ever been a breeder? Yes No
* What brand of heartworm/flea meds are/were Your pets on?
* If You move in the future, what will You do with Fostered Pet(s)?
* If You go on vacation, what will You do with Fostered Pet(s)?
* What form of discipline will You use on Fostered Pet?
If Fostered Pet is a dog, will You help with simple training? Yes No
If Fostered Pet is a dog, will You help with crate training? Yes No
* How will You deal with a housebreaking accident while You are home?
* What about if it happens when You are not at home?
* What if Fostered Pet chews or scratches something inappropriate?
* How do You feel about us checking up on Fostered Pet?
* What are some of the things You enjoy most about having a pet?
* Why do You want to become a Foster Home?
Additional Comments:
* How did You find out about Perfect Paws Pet Rescue?
If Other, please explain how You heard about us:
Electronic Signature
Your electronic signature below serves as acknowledgement that this is a sincere inquiry, and that all information provided is true, correct and complete.  On the Internet an Electronic Signature carries the same legal weight as if You were signing Your name to a printed document. To complete this form, please provide Your electronic signature below by typing Your name in the box, then submit the form.
* Caretaker Signature:
PPSR Signature:     Tammy Derickson    

Thank you from the staff - and all of our Adorable Adoptables - here at Perfect Paws Pet Rescue!!

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