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Welcome to Perfect Paws ...

Staffed by very dedicated owners and some wonderful volunteers, Perfect Paws Pet Rescue operates a successful full service no-kill pet rescue in the Fort Wayne Indiana area - without even having their own facilities!! Perfect Paws is very proud to have established excellent relationships with many local animal shelters, among them are Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control and the Huntington Animal Shelter. Be sure to read the whole story in our About Perfect Paws section!

We provide both search and rescue functions ...

Perfect Paws Search ...

'Search?' you may ask. But I thought you were an animal rescue!! Well, yes we certainly are, and you can read all about that aspect of our business in the section following! BUT, we also perform Searches! We want to be sure that as many Adorable Adoptables as possible find their forever homes, and we understand that sometimes, even tho we may have an excellent selection of fine pets, that the one that is right for you may not be among them!

And, if you find yourself in this situation, that's when you will see our Search Department kick into high gear! You see, since our #1 goal is to find forever homes for every single pet that needs one -if you don't find your perfect match among the pets we currently have, we will use the information you've provided to us on your Adoption Form - and start Searching for your pet for you!! We are associated with many shelters - and even other rescues! - in our own area, as well as many shelters in nearby cities. And we will Search in all of these locations, and make every effort to locate the pet that you have your heart set on!

We will continue to Search, for as long as it takes, until we find either the exact pet that you are looking for, or failing that, whichever one steals your heart during the Search - which will end up being the one you wanted all along but just didn't know it yet! We've seen it happen again and again. If you were meant to find the pet you have in mind, then we will Search and find them for you - and if it turns out that you are destined to be matched with a different pet, then that is the one we will find for you! Often, the initial search was never meant to be successful, but instead it was meant to serve as way to lead you in the right direction so you will end up finding the pet that is perfect for you! [We don't know exactly how this works - but it does - and our Searches always seem to end up exactly where they should!]

This unique service that Perfect Paws offers to you is what sets us apart from the others. We are willing to go the extra distance, put in the extra time and Search - until you know you have found your pet! Now of course we hope that you will find your forever friend among the wonderful selection of Adorable Adoptables that are at our Rescue, but we are ultimately most concerned with matching up the correct pet with the correct owner - and we don't allow competitiveness, or petty jealousies to interfere in your Search for the perfect pet for you! And although we have noticed that other rescues have seen our unique Search feature and are now trying to copy us, please know that we go the extra mile for you and approach it sincerely - and are not using it as a way to 'keep up with or outdo' others!

So if you have looked at all of our pets, with your heart as well as your eyes, and not found who you were looking for, just let us know and we will shift into Search mode and begin looking elsewhere for the pet you want!

... And Rescue

Ahhhh, now THIS is the area that you are most familiar with, right? This is where we Rescue as many pets as we possibly can: care for them, give them love, provide them with proper medical care including any shots they may need, groom them and often even provide the dogs with some simple training so they will be housebroken, understand the basic concept of 'no', and depending on how long they are with us, perhaps work with them on a few more simple commands such as: come, stay, sit and lay down - and work with the cats to persuade them to learn the difference between a scratching post and your good living room curtains - all with the goal of being able to present you with an excellent variety of desirable pets.

Our amazing volunteers, who offer their own homes as space for our rescued pets - provide them with lots of love and security, and sometimes help as they can with training, until we can find our pets their forever homes.

Many compassionate businesses allow us to show our rescues in front of their stores from time to time - for which we are very grateful! Please click for information on the dates/locations of our current Meet & Greets - and don't forget to subscribe while you're there! - to get the full schedule for this month ... and get all of the latest news and information on Perfect Paws!!

Be sure check our Perfect Paws Gazette each month to find out which one of our Triple A Pets [Adorable Adoptable Animals] has been selected as our current Featured Pup and Featured Feline - something new we are doing in conjunction with Petco's Kitty City!

'Pet Adoption for Dummies'!!

So, you're looking to adopt a new family member of the furred kind? You've come to the right place!! We've made the entire process as easy as pie - and just as enjoyable! Please always visit your local animal shelters first, then if you still haven't found your perfect pet, ask them which rescue organizations they recommend. We know you will find that Perfect Paws is the right choice

For your convenience, we have partnered with so you can meet all of the pets currently available in the listings in our Available Pets section - or easily Search for that special pet by ...

  • Type of Pet
  • Age of Pet
  • Gender
  • Size
  • Geographic Location
  • Special Needs - declawed cat, quiet dog
  • Special Situations - compatibility with similar/other pets or small children

Plus we've posted our Adoption Form online for you to fill out while you're here,so we can check references and start the approval process right away. This will allow more people to take their pet home with them the same day they meet them!! And we also have a section chock full of Adoption Tips to make your and your new pet's transition into your life together as smooth and trouble-free as possible!!

Rescue Us!

Here are some ways you can help us out!


At Perfect Paws Pet Rescue we believe it's crucial to the long term well-being of our rescues to be fostered in loving homes, with proper food, discipline, exercise and lots of love, so it will be easier for them to make the transition to their forever homes!! So our rescues literally come from our homes to yours!!

We are always on the lookout for Foster Parents to share their homes with our precious rescues until they find their forever homes. If you are nearby and can take a Foster Pet into your home - we would be very grateful ... almost as grateful as the rescues that you kindly welcome into your home!! Please click to fill out our online Foster Home Application Form


All non-profits need volunteers, and we are no different ... except that when you volunteer for us you will get to do fun things like giving our more active, exuberant pups plenty of exercise by walking, jogging, running, or playing Frisbee with them or even playing catch or tug'o'war! We also need volunteers to help transport them to and from our shows! And the looks of love and adoration you receive from the pets you play with or exercise are priceless and SO rewarding!! Please e-mail for complete details.

Donating Money

If you can find it in your heart to give a donation we, and our adoptables, would be ever so grateful. You can make a monetary donation by clicking the Donation button on any page on our site - or donate directly to a vet to help pay for the many costly medical expenses we incur. For more info on that, please check out our Perfect Paws Gazette.

Donating Items and Supplies

We are also constantly in need of donated items to help us care for the pets. This list changes from time to time depending on our needs, but we always have an up to date list posted on our Perfect Paws Gazette newsletter - please check it out to see what we need!

And If All Else Fails ...

For your convenience we've also included a links page - with links to many other rescues and plenty of resources - so while you are there, you can shop online to get all the supplies, toys and treats you will need for your new special friend, including some very healthy foods and snacks! So don't forget to check out our Related Links and Resources.

Final Thoughts ...

Thank you for stopping by our site!! We hope that you have found that special friend you were looking for and that we've helped to make that as easy as possible for you!!

But if you have any problems, questions, complaints - or perhaps a compliment! - please do not hesitate to contact us!! We will respond promptly and do what we can to address your concerns.

Please bookmark our site, come back soon and often, and tell all of your friends and family about us too! And don't forget to check one last section of our site - the Adopted Pets section ... and then you too will know what makes it all worthwhile for us!!

Our ultimate - and perhaps a bit lofty - goal is to have NO MORE HOMELESS PETS!!
We sincerely appreciate your visit and your efforts to help us realize that goal!

Thank you from the staff - and all of our Adorable Adoptables - here at Perfect Paws Pet Rescue!!

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