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Authentically You - Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!
Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!


Reasons to Come to a Retreat

  • Gain clarity and new perspective on your life
  • Find direction when faced with a life changing decision about a career, relationship, or other area of your life
  • Find perspective on what you want the rest of your life to look like
  • Restructure your life after a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of job or when facing a serious health issue
  • Find answers to questions about why certain patterns or situations keep reoccurring in your life
  • Find your life purpose, learn to dream again, rediscover the sense of passion, joy and adventure you once had
  • Break free from all the self-recriminations and learn to follow your heart
  • Regain your personal power in every area of your life

Give yourself a GIFT that you will benefit from
for the rest of your life!
You are worth it ... and so are those you love!

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Meditation Pond at the Authentically You™ Retreat

A retreat is a great way to set time aside to thoroughly and completely focus on yourself without the demands of everyday life. These retreats are designed to help you get to the core of what is blocking you from your Authentic Self. You will have 5 days and 6 nights to go deep within yourself and discover who you really are, what you really desire and why you are here. Authentically You™ Retreats offer nutritious food, massage and body work, connection with nature and a 'road map' for authentic and purposeful living.

What Happens At These Retreats?

Life Coach Sheri Bardo will lead you through a series of interactive workshops and explorations for discovering your authenticity, unique life purpose and heart's desire.

You will discover that deep inside your heart you already know what you are supposed to do and the path you are to take. From this knowledge you will be able to design and create a blueprint to live the rest of your life in perfect alignment with who you really are.

You will come to understand how listening to your heart will improve your health, relationships, career and spiritual life (no matter what belief system you hold). You will find new passion and clarity about your life that will help you live the rest of your life in celebration of who you are.

Regain your personal power in every situation and decision. Experience new-found courage, hope, and confidence in your ability to create what you really want in life.

Guided by your Certified Life Coach you will discover that who you are this moment is already enough to Be Do and Have what you desire most in life.

In addition to Life Coaching we offer activities and experiences designed to help you become more in touch with who you are and to live your life AUTHENTICALLY.

ACTIVITIES and EXPERIENCES: These are just a few of the activities you will experience:


    In these retreat workshops we will be looking at:

  • How our limiting beliefs about who and what we are cause obstacles and road blocks in our life, relationships, work, prosperity and health
  • How our emotions affect our health and even our prosperity
  • How learning to listen to your heart and intuition will improve every aspect of your life and help you know with clarity what is true for you. This will help you live a life of NO regrets!
  • How to build bridges from where you are to what you really want, bringing joy and freedom into your life
  • How to fan your passions and re-kindle your dreams and vision
  • How to discover your own true and unique life purpose
  • How to learn to live your life Authentically and On Purpose
  • How to stay on track when you return home
  • And much, much more!!

Nature Walks and Natural Settings*

Observing nature and what it can teach you about your life. Nature is full of metaphors and lessons that can open our eyes and our hearts to what is real, important and lasting. The pond is a magical place that will unfold its lessons to you is you are still and open your heart. Each natural setting you will visit will open you further to living your life from the inside out.

Body Movement

Stretching: Through this instruction you will start the process of listening to your body, and start the inward journey to being fully present in the moment. Learning to listen to your body is an important step to vibrant health and well being.

Breath Work

The breath is life. By changing the way that you breath, you can improve your health, lower stress, lower blood pressure and quiet the mind, connecting you with your inner wisdom.

Meditative Dance

You will have a chance to experience freedom and expression through interpretive dance and movement to both music and drums. By allowing the music and rhythms to free you from your self consciousness, you learn to regain your voice and express your AUTHENTIC self more freely.


Massage has been medical proven to release deep cellular memory and trauma. Long recognized by Eastern Medicine, Western medicine is recognizing massage as an important modality of healing body, mind, and spirit. Massage can help release toxins, increase circulation and act as a beneficial tool in total health. Your will receive 3 gentle or deep tissue massages during your stay; your first massage Sunday night after dinner. (Additional massages may be arranged with individual Massage Therapists for an additional fee.')


Through the medium of painting with watercolors you will discover how to release your creative nature. Art is an expressive way to unleash your creative side which is where inspiration and genius live! (No artistic experience required!)

Return home deeply inspired and ready to take your life to the next level.

Location of Authentically You™ Retreats

The retreat site is located 80 miles from Kalispell International Airport, in a beautiful private setting among the pines, with spectacular views of the Northern Montana Rocky Mountains. Nestled between the Swan Range, (gateway to the Bob Marshall Wilderness) and the Mission Wilderness, you can experience the wonders of the forest and nature, take a step back in time and to a quieter more peaceful way of life. As you listen to the gentle breeze in the pines and the sounds of the forest you will find yourself re-connecting to a deeper part of yourself and come to a deeper understanding of who you are and your purpose in life.

Transportation to the Retreat

Guests can fly into Glacier Park International Airport, arrive by train or drive to the Retreat.

If you are arriving by air or train, please check arrival deadline for transportation to the retreat site. The retreat site itself is a 1˝ hour drive through beautiful Montana scenery from either the airport or train depot.

Dinner will be served at the retreat upon our arrival!

Accommodations and Amenities

    The Retreat Package pricing includes:

  • Lodging and transportation to and from airport and to retreat site
  • All meals, snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) including Sunday Dinner and Saturday Breakfast will be served each day. Meals are expertly prepared to delight your pallet.
  • All instruction and materials for retreat workshops and classes - Authentically You™ Workbook - Body movement and stretching exercise follow-up sheets for continuing at home
  • Three relaxing or deep tissue massage sessions
  • One 45 minute follow up coaching session within the first 14 days after the retreat to help you stay on track
  • A BONUS of a 15% Discount on all future Personal Coaching, Tele-Classes or Retreats!

Retreat Guests stay in cozy and rustic 'cowboy wrangler' cabins built by a local legend in the early 1900's for Diamond L Bar Guest Ranch.

The cabins were moved to the Retreat property in the early 1980's. Hot showers and outdoor bathroom facilities are separate from the cabins in keeping with the Nature Retreat atmosphere. The experience is a little reminiscent of summer camp! Cabins accommodate up to 4 guests, and feature electricity and baseboard heat! The atmosphere will take you back to a quieter more tranquil time.

Cost of Retreats

The Total Investment for Your New Life is Only $1895!

The actual value of the retreat is:

25 hours of Life Coaching$ 1875
10 hours of instruction in body work, stretching, breath work250
3 hours of water color art instruction and materials100
3 massage sessions165
Meals, Lodging &Transportation425
Workbooks (Authentically You™ & body work follow-up)79
45 minute follow-up coaching session75
Total Value$ 2963

Your Cost: $1895

$400 non-refundable deposit due at booking, cancellations (due to unavoidable circumstances) can apply deposit to future retreat. Balance due 1 week before retreat. SAVE $100 when you pay in full at booking.

You may pay for your reservation with your credit card using PayPal.

To pay for your $400 non-refundable deposit via Pay Pal - due at booking - please click here:

If you have already paid your deposit and would like to pay the balance via PayPal - due 5 days prior to the retreat date - please click here:

Or ... Save $100 and pay in full at booking via PayPal - please click here:

To view your PayPal Shopping Cart - please click here:

Or you may also pay by personal check, Cashier's Check or Money Order.

Retreat Dates 2003

May 11-17May 25-31May 11-17June 15-21
July 6-12July 15-21August 17-23August 21-30
September 7-13September 21-27October 5-11October 19-25

"The Authentically You Retreat with Sheri opened me up to my inner self and gave me the insights to live my life in harmony with who I really am. Authentically You was a major catalyst in opening up a whole lot of personal healing for me. The retreat was fun, informative and best of all the process was simple and very easy to understand and learn. Sheri provided a gentle and professional manner that instantly instilled trust. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her, to uncover my limiting beliefs and to find my life purpose."
Gwyn Ann Cooper CPA

Retreat Location Photos

*To view some beautiful photos of the retreat area, please click here: Retreat Photos

Photo Viewer will open in a new window

Business/Corporate Retreats

Three and Five Day Retreats held in a natural setting where employees stay overnight. Designed to bring ultimate results to the coaching experience. Each Business/Corporate Retreat is individually designed to bring the employer/owner(s) maximum results that match their goals and vision. These retreats emphasize team building and personal empowerment. Retreats can be held in a location of your choosing including the Authentically You™ retreat property, as described above, in Condon, MT during the summer months.

Call for a Free Consultation to arrange a Retreat for your business. Call toll free 1-888-612-5287, or call 406-892-1125 if you reside in the Flathead Valley area of MT.

Coming in the Future - Teen Quest Adventure Retreats!

Building a better America, one teen at a time! Retreats for teens 15-18. These Teen Adventure Retreats will include the adventure and challenges of white water rafting, mountain climbing, wilderness camping and other similar adventures. Designed to help teens discover their Authenticity and amazing abilities. These adventures will be two weeks in length and part of the profits go to providing scholarships for teens who may not be able to afford such an adventure.

Tuition: $3200 includes everything but airfare

If you are interested in a Teen Quest Adventure Retreat for your teen, please click here to fill out our Sign Up Form so we can keep you informed.

"The Authentically You retreat was a great experience. In helped me find and love myself and to see my greatness, which in turn will give me the tools I need to live a healthy life of love and truth."
Kristie A. - IL (Age 17)

Need a Retreat? Rent Ours!

Does your group need a beautiful, tranquil place in which to hold a retreat? We would be happy to share the beauty of our retreat location with you during times when we ourselves are not conducting retreats! For more information, please feel free to contact us either via e-mail, call toll free 1-888-612-5287 or if you live locally in the Flathead Valley area of MT, call me at 406-892-1125.

One of Our Glorious Sunsets
Quote from St. Augustine

Contact me Toll-Free at: 1-888-612-5287
Or locally in the Kalispell, MT area at: 406-892-1125

E-Mail me at: Sheri Bardo

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