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Authentically You - Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!
Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!

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Sheri Bardo - Your Life Coach
Sheri Bardo, Your Life Coach

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Meditation Pond at the Authentically You™ Retreat

I do not believe it is an accident you have come to this website ... you may be feeling that too.

My passion is to empower the individuals I work with to live a more satisfying, passionate, joyful, abundant, healthful and playful life. Helping you find your AUTHENTICITY and PERSONAL TRUTH is what makes my life a celebration!

If you would like to learn how to celebrate your life more fully, call or e-mail me for a Complementary Coaching Session!

Life can be a journey filled with adventure and wonder ... if you choose it to be!

About Your Retreat Facilitator & Coach

I am a Certified Personal and Professional Coach, speaker, author, retreat and workshop facilitator. An entrepreneur for 25 years, and former top sales agent for Mutual of Omaha, I coach individuals as well as business professionals in realizing their dreams and maximum potential. I am the creator of Authentically You™ Retreats and Workshops, as well as Workshops on:

  • Resistance Free Parenting
  • Relationship Renewal
  • Business Success Made Easy

I am also a Practitioner of Reiki, Energy Balancing and Emotional Freedom Techniques and have been involved in the study of herbs for over two decades.

For more information about retreats, workshops, and distance learning, or to book my services as a speaker or workshop facilitator for your group, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

"Your coaching helped me to acknowledge those experiences from the past that were negatively defining me and driving my actions today. After clarifying my limiting beliefs, I was able to more consciously make choices in my daily life based on my true values. I feel that your supportive yet challenging style of coaching helped me to stay focused and break through some creative blocks. I was also able to resolve some negativity at my job using some of the methods I learned through your coaching. Thank you so much for helping me find my life purpose."
Women’s Advocate at a transitional housing facility for homeless women in Minnesota

Contact me Toll-Free at: 1-888-612-5287
Or locally in the Kalispell, MT area at: 406-892-1125

E-Mail me at: Sheri Bardo

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