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Authentically You - Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!
Celebrate Your Life - Live Authentically!

Coaching Options

If you are feeling like there is something missing in your life, relationships, or career - and you are really ready to make some changes - the universe will provide you with your next step. If you are feeling like it is no accident that you ended up at this website and you are looking for answers, consider an Authentically You™ Retreat, one of our Workshops, or one of the many Coaching Options described below that are also offered through Authentically You™.

  • Personal One-on-One Coaching
    No matter what the block or goal I am here to partner with you in finding answers that are in alignment with your Authentic Self. You will usually feel the results during and after your first session. Click here to find out more about Personal One-on-One Coaching
  • Business Coaching
    Designed for the business owner, CEO management teams and the entrepreneur. Click here to find out more about our Business Coaching
  • Tele-Classes
    Group Coaching by phone is economical. Each coaching call will last 1˝ hours once a week at regularly scheduled times. Click here to find out more about Tele-Classes
  • Group Coaching Classes
    These classes are usually from 6-12 weeks in length. Participants meet once a week for 2-3 hours, depending on the class. Click here to find out more about Group Coaching Classes

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Meditation Pond at the Authentically You™ Retreat

Personal One-on-One Coaching

If your desire is for change and growth and to reach greater spiritual unfolding and enlightenment, I would be honored to assist you. I can work with you equally powerfully whether our session is in person or over the phone.

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Business Coaching

No matter what the size of your business - the right coach can be a valuable asset for your business.

Having a coach can help you to overcome barriers, increase your effectiveness, develop and execute plans, excel, and take your business to the top!

If You Want To:

  • Increase employee satisfaction, commitment and retention
  • Improve customer service and communication
  • Strengthen leadership and management within your business
  • Generate increased revenue by working smarter, not harder
  • Motivate your employees by creating a work environment they love to be in
  • Create high performance teams through individual involvements - increasing employee productivity due to employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Develop leaders in your business at EVERY level

Have you ever asked yourself: How Can I ...

  • Avoid stress or burnout and being a slave to the pressures of my business?
  • Shut the pressures and demands of my business OFF when I go home?
  • Make decisions that are timely and in keeping with customer trends and demands?
  • Increase revenue and still balance my personal life, family and friends?
  • Change my cash flow problems, create a financial plan that works and stop struggling with these issues?
  • Know where my focus needs to be and gain clarity about what is next and where I want the business to go?
  • Eliminate employee, supplier, and customer problems and create win-win solutions?
  • Write a business plan that will really work?
  • Reduced operating costs and turnover?

Change the ways you relate to yourself, your business, management and employees. Improve, start, or grow your business with confidence, less uncertainty and frustration.

If you have employees, you know how important teamwork is to the health of your business. Teamwork only functions properly, however, when each person involved feels empowered enough to feel heard and valued. Empowerment happens when you bring spirit and personal awareness back into the work place and allow each person to show up authentically. In addition to sessions addressing how to engage spirit in the workplace, workshops and retreats are directed at reducing stress and burnout, and to developing higher standards of leadership.

Benefits of Teamwork Through Empowerment

  • Increased job satisfaction - longer employee retention, more commitment and involvement
  • Better communication between management and employees - attitudes change from 'have to' to 'want to'
  • Improved quality of work environment increases profitability - reducing operating costs and turnover

Many managers do not understand that their own empowerment involves releasing their control over those they manage. When control is released so that employees are, in turn, empowered, management actually gains more control, respect and cooperation from those they manage, thus enabling the company to clarify and strengthen its unified goal as a whole.

Helping management understand how to begin the process of releasing control and becoming leaders is the beginning of an empowered business!

Shifting to an empowerment philosophy calls for changes in both the thinking and structure of management within an organization. When this power is released and directed toward the challenges businesses face, the results are truly astonishing. Empowered organizations are filled with engaged, focused people, able to achieve larger goals and objective. Responsiveness, involvement, innovation and creativity are increased ensuring financial success in a competitive business environment.

The kind of thinking and structure that worked for businesses in the past and brought success will no longer lead to future success. The face of business is changing. Management must change first. Managers must become leaders that inspire and motivate by empowering those they manage. Leaders must have the trust and respect of those they lead. Employees will respond in kind to those who trust and respect them enough to empower them.

A company's greatest resource is the ingenuity, innovation and team synergy of its employees, which will only be demonstrated when the work environment is a receptive place for it. The real core of empowerment is a sense of ownership. Employees who feel ownership by having a voice in how the company is run and structured will become a driving force in taking the company of the future to the next level.

As a facilitator, my passion is to bring unification into your business structure by helping individuals work as a team because they want to, not because they have to.

Private One-On-One Personal Coaching is available for:
  • The Business Owner: A coach can be a great asset in helping you clarify and plan a business strategy that lines up with your mission and business vision. This will help you bring that passion and vision for your business to your employees in a way that will create team effort in helping you accomplish your vision.
  • Management: Personal coaching can help develop leadership skills that will effectively create the kind of work environment that will help you retain your employees by creating satisfaction and commitment in the work place.
  • Employees: Coaching individual employees who are facing challenges integrating with the team, or for employees being prepared for advancement.

Click here for information on Business/Corporate Retreats

Click here for information on Business Workshops

Please call for a Free Consultation to see which strategy will work best for your business. Call toll free 1-888-612-5287 or call 406-892-1125 if you reside in the Flathead Valley area of MT.

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This type of coaching is a great option if you are comfortable in a group setting. Each coaching call will last 1˝ hours once a week at regularly scheduled times. You will be joining a group that is looking for the same answers you are. Often a deep sense of community grows out of these classes which will give you the ongoing support so important to all of us.

Tele-classes are held on a bridge-line - a phone line - that allows several people to participate at once. This is an economical way to have a coach if your budget does not allow private coaching, or if you prefer to participate in a group atmosphere with the support of others.

Some of the advantages to group coaching by phone are:

  • Calling from the comfort of your own home
  • Participation at a level you are comfortable with
  • Enjoying a sense of community and group support from other like minded people

Participation in Tele-Classes

Each week for a specified number of weeks (depending on the class) you will be able to call in on the bridge line for class using your long distance carrier or calling card.

Lessons and class notes will be sent via e-mail

E-mail support from coach Sheri in between classes, group e-mail list so you can share with others in the class, ask questions and share insights.

Listed below are the tele-classes to be held starting in January 2003

Authentically You™ Group Coaching

12 week class, meeting once a week for 1˝ hours - see starting dates below.

This Tele-class will help you:

  • Empower your life, live authentically and purposefully
  • Re-capture or expand your dreams, enthusiasm, joy, energy, playfulness, and love of life, discover your passion
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn to listen to your heart, and follow your dreams
  • Become clear on what you really want in your life, relationships, career
  • Improve your health by learning to listen to your body and trust your intuition
  • Fine tune your intuition
  • Unleash your creativity and inner genius
  • Answer the question of 'why am I here and what is my purpose?'
  • Discover your Authentic Self and life purpose
  • Identify roadblocks that are keeping you from the life you really desire and often cause a type of self sabotage - evident when patterns re-occur time after time
  • Explore what your body is trying to tell you - disease, indicator of unresolved emotions
  • Create bridges from where you are now to where you want to go
  • Live true to your purpose, your passion and your vision
  • Understand the spiritual laws of attraction: creating health and abundance
  • Learn the Sedona Method, EFT and other tools to release stress, anxiety and worry

Choose the starting date and time that fits your schedule best:

  • January 6, 2003        6 - 7:30 PM EST (4 - 5:30 PM MST)
  • January 14, 2003      4:00 - 5:30 PM EST (2 - 3:30 PM MST)
  • January 22, 2003      10:30 AM – Noon EST (8:30 – 10 AM MST)

Tuition: $375 (1/3 the cost of private coaching) or 3 installments of $135 each

Includes class time; e-mail back-up to answer your questions; group support e-mail list; and lessons and notes from class via e-mail.

Pay with Pay Pal:      

Payment in Full - $375

3 Installments of $135 each

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Resistance Free Parenting™

12 week class meeting once a week by phone for 1˝ hours

If you are struggling with parenting and find that the conflict between you and your child, or teen has you at the end of your rope, this workshop will help you understand where the struggle started and how to turn it around. The format of this workshop takes a bold new look at parenting. If you are brave enough to take a deep look within yourself, give up control and become instead a leader and mentor - you really can raise resistance free kids.

Resistance Free Children

  • Learn to take ownership for their decisions
  • Make decisions with integrity
  • Can stand against peer pressure
  • Become aware of who they really are, what they really want and what they are here to do

If you are concerned about raising children that will make a difference in the world, live Authentically and on Purpose, this workshop is a must!

Choose the starting date that works best for you:

  • January 17, 2003      10:30 AM – Noon EST
  • January 23, 2003      5 - 6:30 PM EST

Tuition: $375 or 3 installments of $135 each - BONUS: Tuition for 2nd parent calling from same phone line only $150

Includes class time; e-mail back-up to answer your questions; group support e-mail list; and lessons and notes from class via e-mail.

Money Back Guarantee if you do not find this class is of value to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Pay with Pay Pal:      

Payment in Full - $375

3 Installments of $135

2nd Parent Fee $150

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Stress Free Relationships

8 week class meeting once a week for 1˝ hours

Tele-class designed for couples, those thinking of marriage or singles who want to find the right relationship in the future.

  • Discover the 12 keys to perfect relationships
  • Take an in depth look at how limiting beliefs, needs and expectations can strangle the very life out of your relationships
  • Learn how to quickly resolve conflict and come to a win-win solution
  • Change your relationship even if your partner does not want to participate!
  • Discover how your relationships are a mirror for what you need to learn about yourself
  • Learn to let go - a new perspective for reviving your relationship

A unique look at relationships that will change your life. You will discover the secret of good relationships lies within you and is easier than you think!. This workshop goes way beyond the usual instruction and guidance couples usually get.

Tuition: $ 255 or 3 installments of $95

Choose the starting date that works best for you:

  • January 20, 2003        10:30 AM - Noon EST
  • January 27, 2003        4 - 5:30 PM EST

Pay with Pay Pal:      

Full Payment $255

3 installments of $95 each

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Group Coaching Classes

A great way to meet others looking for answers about life, relationships and careers. These classes offer the possibility of forming a continued peer coaching group on your own once the classes end. This is a great coaching option if you live in the Flathead Valley!

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"In 5 days I gained a whole new outlook on life and feel like I’m living in a new world full of possibilities, for myself and my business."
Ryanne Stellingwerf - Rys For The Occasion (Candles and Linen Sprays)

All of our workshops and classes can be taken through Tele-Classes.

For more information about retreats, workshops, or distance learning, or to book my services as a speaker or workshop facilitator for your group, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Contact me Toll-Free at: 1-888-612-5287
Or locally in the Kalispell, MT area at: 406-892-1125

E-Mail me at: Sheri Bardo

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