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Welcome to the Jack Conte Agency ...

A Different Kind of Agency Where You Can Get
Travel Insurance Starting at Only $12/Person!

Why are we different? Because ... we've done all the hard work for you!

Whether you are a seasoned, infrequent or new traveler, you are usually faced with hours of research to determine which carrier will offer you the best protection at the best price. But here at the Jack Conte Agency we have done all of that boring, time consuming research and only present to you the best plans for your specific needs!

As your travel insurance agency, we believe it is our responsibility to seek out and select only the very best carriers to meet your specific needs - spending our time carefully reviewing each and every travel insurance carrier to save you hours, weeks, months of research!

For instance, if you are traveling as a Family, the only carrier you need is Travelex - because children up to age 16 are covered for Free when traveling with adult family members! Therefore, Travelex is the ONLY carrier we have listed for Family Travelers!

We have been in the insurance industry for many years now, but when we decided to branch out into travel insurance, the truth is it took us eight months to determine which companies offered the best coverage depending on the length of travel and the type of traveler - such as senior travelers, single travelers, disabled travelers or families traveling together.

Those of you who are returning customers and seasoned travelers can use our comprehensive navigation system on the left to click directly to the type of travel insurance coverage you need.

First time or infrequent travelers can shop for travel insurance with confidence and easily select the plan best suited to you - instead of having no idea what you are getting, only to settle on a travel insurance plan that either doesn't fully cover you or charges you too much for unnecessary coverage. Or, you can speak with one of our helpful agents who will work with you to create a Custom Flex Plan that suits your needs exactly! You can rest assured when you purchase your travel insurance from The Jack Conte Agency that you will have no doubt that you obtained the right coverage to meet your needs, at the best possible price.

Custom Flex Plans

We are well known for our specialty, designing Custom Flex Plans that benefit all of our customers. A Custom Flex Plan is a highly personalized insurance plan developed specifically for you! This is why a Custom Flex Plan is right for you -

  • Work one on one with a helpful, knowledgable agent
  • Create a custom plan that meets your exact needs
  • Eliminate the possibility of buying unneeded coverage
  • The peace of mind that sufficient protection offers
  • Developing a Custom Flex Plan saves you money!

So having a custom plan crafted to meet your specific needs - and no more - allows you to truly relax and enjoy your trip, confident that you are properly protected by your travel insurance. Plus you will really appreciate saving - or spending! - all that extra money you saved by purchasing a Custom Flex Plan at The Jack Conte Agency!

Links to some of our most popular plans are listed directly below, and you can use our Insurance Calculator to get an approximate idea of how much the insurance you need will cost, or take advantage of our personalized service, our Customer Care Hotline.

Customer Care Hotline

If at any time you have a question, or you are ready to create your own Custom Flex Plan, feel free to speak to us in real time via our Customer Care Hotline by clicking the graphic in the upper right corner on any page of our site, and if we are out of office, you can either try back later or send an e-mail to us and one of our agents will reply to you within 24 hours.

Remember, we are here to help you - and we have proven that by taking all the work out of choosing the travel insurance plan that is best for you!

Our Most Requested Plans ...

Short Term Insurance Plans

Short Term Plans

2 - 30 Days

For the travel and medical insurance needs of both US citizens & foreign nationals who need temporary travel insurance while they are traveling anywhere outside their country of citizenship

Long Term Plans

3 Months - 3 Years

For the travel and medical insurance needs of both US citizens & foreign nationals who are working, attending school or traveling for an extended period of time out of their home country

Long Term Insurance Plans
Medical Insurance Plans

Medical Insurance

Covers Injury and Illness including: Hospitalization, Surgery, ICU, Transplants, Maternity, Newborns, Pre-Existing Conditions, Dental Emergencies, Supplemental Accident, Mental/Nervous Care, Wellness, Emergency Outpatient Care, Ground Ambulance, and more

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

Protects travelers unable to travel or interrupted due to circumstances such as: illness or injury; jury duty; job layoff; terrorism; or the bankruptcy of either a tour operator, cruise line or airline company

Cancellation or Interruption Insurance Plans
Optional Insurance Plans

Optional Protection Plans

Group Coverage, Terrorist Coverage, Defense Base Act Insurance, Extreme Sports/Hazardous Activities Insurance, Evacuation Only Coverage, Baggage Lost or Damaged Coverage, Same Day Coverage, Rental Car Coverage

Economy Coverage Plans

Specially selected plans for those travelers who want to purchase high quality travel insurance coverage, but would like to receive the best coverage at the lowest costs possible for the maximum amount of coverage

Economy Insurance Plans

Useful & Educational Information

To further explain and clarify travel information for you, here are quick links to travel tips, definitions of travel insurance terminology and other information of interest ...

In addition to the information listed above that we have provided for you, we have also gathered a large collection of links to some very valuable resources for the senior, disabled or woman traveler, including more tips for travel along with specific destination information for seniors, disabled travelers and women.

So be sure to check out our Links and Resources after you've purchased the right insurance for you. Our goal is to be one of the components that help to make your travel experience the memorable, trouble free, thoroughly enjoyable adventure it is meant to be!

Thank you for choosing the Jack Conte Agency as your Travel Insurance Agency!

Insurance Calculator

Insurance Rates Calculator
Duration of Travel?
Rates Explained

Rates based on median cost for One Single Adult*

*Travelex does not charge for children up to 16 traveling with an adult - so if you are traveling with children, Travelex would be your best choice

Rates displayed in US Dollars
Number of Travelers?
Total Estimated Cost

PLEASE NOTE: These are just approximate figures - please contact us or the insurance provider of your choice for details and an exact quote!

Did You Know?

  • Medicare/HMOs
  • Medical Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner's Insurance

NONE of these plans will provide coverage while traveling if you are hospitalized or need to be airlifted back to your home or if your rental car is damaged or stolen.

This means that you could risk losing your life savings paying off these bills - unless you are properly insured!

Did You Know?


If FOR ANY REASON you are not completely satisfied with the plan you chose or you must cancel your trip, you can get a Full Refund. Please click below to see all of our providers' Refund Policies ... Or feel free to contact us via our Customer Care Hotline, e-mail, or our toll free phone number for complete details.

We Recommend ...

Access America

AA is a member of the Mondial Assistance Group and is also a division of the World Access Service Corp, founded in 1983. Additionally, AA is part of the Allianz Insurance Group.

Top 50 Service Agencies
Rising Star Award
MVP Gold Quality Award
Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Medallion of Excellence - 1998
1996 & 1997 Outstanding Achievement Plaque
US Senate Productivity & Quality Award

Travelex offers you a variety of travel protection plans both in airports and online. Our core protection plans are Travel Plus and TraveLite. Travel Plus is a full-fledged package that will extend to you trip cancellation or interruption, bankruptcy and even terrorism protection. It offers superior coverage levels for all-inclusive vacations or FIT vacations. TraveLite offers you complete protection - but with lower benefit limits - for the price-conscious traveler. Travel Health and Baggage is available through both Travel Plus and TraveLite. In addition, Travelex offers Flight Plus and Annual Travel Protection Plans which provide single and multi-trip coverage respectively. Seniors take note, Travelex has the best pre-existing medical condition coverage.

CSA Travel Protection has a long history of highly satisfied customers who have protected their vacation trip investments with us since 1991.

Home to Home Coverage

Some policies will cover you only while on board ship or just on your vacation. Unfortunate events can happen en route to and after your trip. That's why CSA covers you from the day after you purchase your policy until you return to your home. Dedication to superior customer service truly sets CSA apart. CSA Travel Protection provides travel insurance products that are comprehensive and priced competitively with coverages, services, and prices that are tailored to provide you the best value for your travel related needs including their pre-travel advice. Additionally, every CSA Travel Protection Plan now includes ID Theft Protection for a full six months at no extra cost to you.

International Medical Group® Inc. [IMG] is a worldwide leader in designing, distributing and administering excellent global healthcare benefits since 1990.
The IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance will provide medical coverage for every US citizen traveling abroad. IMG has one of the lowest rates in the industry for Medical Coverage Only Insurance - for example, $1,000,000 of coverage for as low as only $1.80 per day! See policy for complete details.

Global Underwriters
Global Underwriters has over 45 years of experience in the insurance industry.

The Diplomat Series

This innovative assemblage of international health insurance policies was custom designed to provide the benefits that are most important to international travelers at competitive prices. Going beyond their exceptional medical coverage, they also provide generous benefits for medical evacuation, emergency reunion and accidental death or dismemberment.

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