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Hello! My name is Jack Conte and I have been an Insurance Broker for many years, specializing in Life and Disability Insurance. So, how did I get into the Travel Insurance Business?

One of my insurance clients called me some time back asking if I handled Travel Insurance - but at the time I knew nothing about this type of insurance. I referred her to my sister who is a travel agent, thinking she could help her. When calling my sister to tell her to expect a call from one of my clients, I began asking my sister about this type of insurance. She told me her company did sell travel insurance but didn’t know much about it. Since I had no interest in Travel Insurance at that time, I gave it no more thought - until ...

My wife and I travel to China at least once a year. On one of our trips I became ill and needed medical attention ... and that is when I started wishing I had purchased Travel Insurance!

Let me explain why ... I am a veteran, and I usually have all of my medical needs taken care of at the Veterans Administration or a Kaiser Permanente HMO. But, there is no VA Hospital or Kaiser in China - and possibly nowhere else outside of the USA. To say the least, I ended up receiving very expensive 'cash on the line' medical care. I later learned that NO health provider - including Medicare - will pay for any medical emergency outside of the US.

Needless to say, on returning to the US, I began to look into Travel Insurance in earnest. I am already appointed with almost two dozen life and disability insurance companies, so I decided I would add travel insurance to my portfolio of companies. As I always do when considering a type of insurance, I began researching all of the travel insurance companies (there are only 15) and the products they offer.

My Criteria

In determining which providers offer the best policies, my criteria has always been:

  • Which companies have the lowest cost?
  • Which ones are financially the strongest?
  • Which ones offer the best products overall?

It soon became apparent that I had a daunting task ahead of me that was going to take quite a bit of time to master.

The Process

To be able to confidently offer you the absolute best provider[s] for your specific needs required me to:

  • Thoroughly research all fifteen insurance providers
  • Identify almost eighty different types of policies
  • Learn that no two policies can be compared equally
  • Figure out that no one policy will fit everyone’s needs
  • Determine which policy was right for each situation
  • Learn how to select the best provider[s] in each case

The Results

After many months - yes, I said months! - of careful research, I have decided on the travel insurance providers you will find here on my website. Based on my extensive research, I have selected the best of the best in each individual situation. This is my guarantee to you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via my private mail - .

I sincerely hope that all your travels are trouble-free and you never need medical care outside of the US, but - as I realized from personal experience - it is a very wise idea to purchase comprehensive travel insurance so you will be fully protected when traveling! Therefore, I also hope you choose to take advantage of all the time I have spent researching providers, and purchase the protection you need from the Jack Conte Agency.  Safe Happy Traveling!

Jack Conte

Did You Know?

  • Medicare/HMOs
  • Medical Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner's Insurance

NONE of these plans will provide coverage while traveling if you are hospitalized or need to be airlifted back to your home or if your rental car is damaged or stolen.

This means that you could risk losing your life savings paying off these bills - unless you are properly insured!

Did You Know?


If FOR ANY REASON you are not completely satisfied with the plan you chose or you must cancel your trip, you can get a Full Refund. Please click below to see all of our providers' Refund Policies ... Or feel free to contact us via our Customer Care Hotline, e-mail, or our toll free phone number for complete details.

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