Welcome to my Playground!!

This site was borne to fill my need for more online storage space. So here it is. Nothing special ... just somewhere for me to practise and play!

You are welcome to browse and use the images here for your own site: the buttons, backgrounds, and all the other images I've collected.

The only images you may not use are the e-mail signature images, and of course my own webpage graphics, which were designed especially for me by my webdesigner! The e-mail signatures are restricted because they were created by me for friends or by friends for me, and have personal meaning for us. Thank you for respecting this small request.

In time, with a little help, I plan on adding to the images to share with everyone. So, please feel free to browse around and if you see an image you like, just save it to your hard drive and it's yours! And if you have an image that you'd like to share with everyone else, please feel free to do so by clicking on the appropriate button on that page to post it!

Please sign my Guestbook and say Hi, and if you'd like, please feel free to post a message on my Message Board!

Be sure to check out my Riddles and Jokes page and have a giggle on me!

Need that perfect card to send your net friend? Check out our FREE Greeting Cards - featuring 6 of our own original designs as well as hundreds of others!!

And if you have a site and would like to apply for my new site award, just go to that page and fill in the short form there to apply for it!

And in the meantime ...

Enjoy your visit!
And thanks for coming to play in my Playground!

Hey check this out!!! I have a great new feature!!
Now as well as signing my Guestbook you can show me on a map of the world
exactly where you are!! This is going to be so much fun to find out
where all my friends and visitors come from!! So click below and let me know ...
Where in the World are YOU??

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This webring is open to all sites that have an interest and appreciation/love for angels. Sites offer, angelic stories, poetry, pictures, /graphics/background sets, music, angel drawings, angelic paintings, sculpture & art. The true ~angel spirits~ of the site owners are reflected in the participating sites. Women or men are welcome to join this ring.

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