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I remember how excited I was when I received my first site award, and now I finally have an Award of my own to give out to deserving sites!! If you think your site is worthy of my award, just fill in the short form below and submit it for my approval!

I will visit your site and if it is indeed a good site (and I'm sure it will be as long as it is a positive site that does not feature any sort of pornography or hate) then I will send you my award that you can link back to my site, using this URL:

All sites must be original and family friendly. There are so many lovely sites and communities out there all deserving recognition, I can't wait to give out my award to them!

So if you'd like your site sprinkled with Fairy Dust, just fill in the form below!

Win My Award!

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Please use the box below for any comments.

Send me an e-mail: Sandy

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