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In an effort to involve more community members in our Association,
we have decided to join the Internet Revolution and take our Newsletter online.

We have also added some new features which we hope you will enjoy and find beneficial to you.

In addition to our regular quarterly updates and information,
we are now hosting a few ongoing features.


Our new COMMUNITY CLASSIFIED ADS is a place where you can advertise for FREE!

Do you have a tractor for sale that someone in your community may be interested in purchasing?
Do you need to hire someone to clear out some brush on your property?   Make improvements?
Want to let your community know that you are available for certain services?
Or do you have a business you'd like to advertise?
The SRA's COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS is the place to list your advertisements
FREE of charge.

If you are advertising your own business, banners are allowed.
If you do not currently have a banner for online advertising,
our webmistress will be happy to create one for you.

And not only will you be able to place your ads for free,
but you will be targeting friends and neighbors right here in your own community.

*Offer for free advertising limited to paying members only,
non-contributing members are charged a nominal fee.
Please contact us via our e-mail link for further information.*

For your convenience, we have created a short, simple CLASSIFIED ADS REQUEST FORM
for you to fill out whenever you have an ad you'd like to post in our Classifieds.
Your ads will be posted on our site within 24 hours of receipt,
and will remain up as long as you'd like.


Our new COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD will be available to you
to post news and events of interest to our community.

Did you or a member of your family just have a new baby?
Are you having a 'yard sale'?
Are you hosting an event that your neighbors and friends may want to know about?

This is a great way to share your news with your community.

We have also designed a simple form to post to our Bulletin Board.
Our BULLETIN BOARD REQUEST FORM is an easy, quick way
to let your community know your latest news.


And of course, we are posting our QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS as we always have,
but now they are online!

All the same information we have provided you with in our Newsletters
in the past will still be available to you quarterly, as before.
But now it will be easier for you to view our Newsletters ~
from home or work, at any time you choose.

We hope that this easier method of reading our Newsletters will be more convenient for you,
and perhaps encourage you to become more involved in your community.


Being online brings with it the added benefit of being able to post newsworthy items
in a timely manner thruout the year, without having to wait for the next Newsletter.

Now, if you have something important to share with your community,
you can let them know instantly!
Or if we have some urgent news to tell you about,
we can inform you immediately.

This will also be where we will be posting updates on Member Contributions.
Within a few days of your contribution, it will now be acknowledged and notated
on this page under the title 'Members' Contributions Updates'.
In this manner, your contributions will be acknowledged expediently
and with less chance of confusion or misplacement.

Just access our CURRENT EVENTS & UPDATES to find out the latest news at anytime.

And if you have urgent news to impart to your community,
just send us an e-mail with URGENT NEWS in the Subject line to inform us,
and it will be posted as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy your online experience with the Summit Road Association,
and will return often to interact with your community.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to send us an e-mail
by clicking on an e-mail link at the bottom of any page.

So, sit back, relax, choose a link to visit, and make yourself at home!


Please feel free to e-mail us

E-Mail us at: Summit Road Association


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