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Last Updated: 10/21/01

On this page we are featuring Current Events and Updates, to keep you informed of progress on road improvements, road hazards and other matters of concern to the Association including posting of Dues and Donations as they are received, between our Quarterly Newsletters.

No more waiting for the next Quarterly Newsletter to find out news and information!

We will be adding items as needed and if you have something of note to let the Association know about, please feel free to send us an e-mail using one of the links below. After approval by Mike Antisdel, it will be uploaded to the site within a few days.

If it is an urgent announcement that requires immediate attention,
please state URGENT in the Subject line of the e-mail
and it will be given priority.

Please help us keep everyone informed by taking advantage
of this new feature whenever necessary.

And be sure to check here frequently to keep informed
on the latest events and updates as they occur.

Consult the chart further down this page for updates on Member Contributions.

Also please see below for updates concerning contributions to our Special Funds Projects.

Pumpkin Patch Update!

Our Second Annual Pumpkin Patch Fund Raising Event is off and running! We started on October 6th as planned, with Larry and Marti Selman doing the honors from 11AM to 5PM. They reported that while it seemed a bit slow, they were still able to sell about $150 worth of pumpkins.

On Sunday the 7th, Eric Minoski and Sherri Hart donated their Sunday to help us raise funds.

We still need more volunteers, so don't be shy! In an effort to encourage you to sign up, we sent out orange Reminder Flyers - did you get yours? Last year we earned over $4100, and with your help, we can top that and look forward to even more road improvements this year.

Please contact your Area Director today to sign up!

Marti Selman reported that it's a nice, relaxing way to spend a day,
so just choose a day or two to volunteer, have a lovely time,
and make your contribution to those road improvements we will all enjoy.
We look forward to hearing from all of you soon.

Members' Names Date Received Dollar Amounts Type of Contributions
Vajrayna Foundation Sep 2001 $           200 Dues ~ Fiscal Years 2000 and 2001
Paul Carrick Sep 2001 $           100 Dues ~ Fiscal Year 2001
Sylvia & Stuart Davis Sep 2001 $           100 Dues ~ Fiscal Year 2001
Doann De Vries Wilder
(for Gerry De Vries)
Sep 2001 $           100 Dues ~ Fiscal Year 2001
Robert and Genevieve Trimble Oct 2001 $           100 Dues ~ Fiscal Year 2001
Doug and Denise Crask Oct 2001 $           200 Dues ~ Fiscal Year 2001
Stuart and Sylvia Davis Nov 2001 $           200 Donation - Project #3
Thank you for your contributions. They are appreciated and will be put to good use.


Please feel free to e-mail us

E-Mail us at: Summit Road Association


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