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September, 2001
                       By: Michael Antisdel

Since our last newsletter, the Summit Road Association held its Annual Meeting, which took place in April at the KSBW Tower and future site of the new Ormsby Fire Station.

We had a great turnout! It was nice to see both property owners and residents come out to support the efforts of the SRA. The meeting was preceded by a delicious potluck lunch that we all enjoyed. Thanks to those of you who participated by sharing some of your favorite dishes or by bringing snacks, utensils and other needed items.

A complete overview of last year's projects and fund raising efforts was presented. Also discussed was the progress we are making with Santa Cruz County on the two mile section from Maymen's Flat heading outside the gate.

The meeting concluded with the election of Officers and Directors for the Fiscal Year 2001. The following Officers were elected for a one year term:
  • President - Mike Antisdel
  • Vice President - Eric Minoski
  • Secretary - Denise Antisdel
  • Treasurer - Marti Selman
And the following Directors were elected:
  • San Jose - Nancy Pospishek - 3 yr term
  • South San Jose - Mark Hamlin - 2 yr term
  • Morgan Hill - Bob Tucker - 2 yr term
Thanks to the returning Officers and Directors, as well as the newly elected officials for the upcoming year.

I look forward to working with all of you, and expect another productive year.
Prior to the meeting we were able to complete the Spring Grading across the entire six miles! Thanks to Daryl Hutchings and Mike Fisher who supplied the equipment and operating expertise that resulted in such a great job.

The County of Santa Cruz worked on and off on Fridays mowing brush and cleaning ditches outside the West Gate. Operator Mike Fisher, utilizing Daryl's grader, provided the needed finishing touches. Both the equipment and operator hours for work on this section were donated. Thanks to these two individuals for donating their time and equipment to complete this phase of the project!

It is now September and as you know dirt roads are affected by the increased traffic of the summer months. Various areas are now being affected by this heavy and faster moving traffic which causes that washboard effect on our road. We can all do our part by keeping our speed down (and asking our friends, family and visitors to do the same!) to encourage the longevity of the grading and promote the safety of our residents and those that travel on our road.

Traditionally, due to the dry climate, very little work is planned thruout the summer months. We have recently installed three culverts and will be organizing other projects slated to be completed prior to the rains.

Please do your part by keeping the roadside brush near your property cut back to ensure safe passage for residents and emergency vehicles. At this time of year the possibility of fire hazard is greatly increased.

A huge thanks goes out to Mike and Denise Antisdel for their efforts in acquiring another Special Fund Donation last year. Although they were encouraged by several residents to apply a hard surface with the Special Fund in 1999, they utilized the money to kick off the first section of the Long Term Plan. This project provided a great example for future half mile sections, as well as prepared the area for a hard surface.

This year the Antisdels placed the first asphalt surface on Summit Road between the gates. Yes ... asphalt! After weighing the advantages of longevity of asphalt over chip seal, they chose to use the Special Fund already in place, plus they donated an additional $1000 to complete the project.

We are sure the Antisdels (including the newest addition to their family, little Nicolette), who live right on the road, will breathe much easier now that the dust won't be filtering in from the roadway as traffic passes by their home, and the whole community will benefit from another 220 feet of smooth dust-free road!
A very special thanks goes out to Mr. Ray Strong for his twenty-two years of service to the Summit Road Association. As one of the founding members of the SRA, Ray helped to develop the by-laws that govern our organization. He has provided countless hours of dedication, both as a member of the Board and an equipment operator.

This is the first year that Ray is not a member of the Board of Directors. He has taken a well-deserved leave to enjoy time with his family and pursue other interests. We all owe him a great deal of thanks for his dedication and hard work thruout the past years. GREAT JOB, RAY!
Thanks to the continuing efforts and persistence of Vice President Eric Minoski, cooperation from the County of Santa Cruz is at an all-time high.

Although they seem to be working slower than most of us would like, they are accomplishing our goal of improving the County section of the road. Last spring they cleaned the ditches, reshaped the road and brush mowed narrow sections.

We understand that plans are in place to install culverts this fall.

In June, the County repaired some of the damaged areas on the chip seal by blade patching and filling holes. Bill Dunlap has agreed to work with us to improve the chip sealed area outside the West Gate by Joe Waddel.

The County has been offered a new oil to test and plans are to apply it over the existing chip seal and possibly extend it further west which will incorporate the badly outcropped area. The County does appreciate the additional efforts of property owners and is working on building a better relationship with the SRA.
The Fiscal Year 2001 began on April 1st and your dues were due at that time. If you have not yet paid your dues for 2001, please do so at this time. Please remember that membership dues are only $100 per property owner. This equates to only $8.33 per month ~ what a bargain! Any additional contributions beyond your dues can be earmarked for specific projects, and will be put to excellent use this year. As stated in this bulletin, a number of projects require additional funding.

Thanks in advance for mailing your dues and contributions to:
Marti Selman, Treasurer
156 Bradley Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Whether you are a full time resident or a property owner that visits once a week or year, your annual dues are necessary. While residents do use the road more, they are also the ones providing ongoing maintenance, such as brush clearing and removing fallen trees, on a daily basis. As a property owner, your dues are needed for grading and other maintenance costs, so when you do want to come visit your property you will be able to with ease.
We have been encouraging the concept of Special Fund Projects for over a year now, and it seems to be catching on with our members. Although the SRA didn't contribute financially to the Antisdel's asphalt project, in order to encourage others to take on a similar project, we would like to assist in preparing the road surface that could then be paved or chip sealed with private funds. The Special Fund Donation acquired by the Antisdels in 1999 was used to strip brush, widen and reshape nearly one mile of road. Base rock was also applied to the area. The SRA would like to do this in order to assist property owners when Special Fund Donations can be acquired to lay down a hard surface.

A separate Special Fund Project has already been organized by some SRA members to improve a section of road in front of their properties. To kick the project off, the Selmans have pledged to match cash donations up to $5000! To date, we have received $500 from the Osborns, $400 from the Sofers, and $900 from the Hutchings. Others who have pledged to enlarge the project have not yet contributed. Please send in those contributions identifying them for this Special Project so they will be recorded correctly. Project donations received are placed into a special interest-bearing account awaiting their use.

Armen Markarian has established a similar Special Fund Project to be used near his property, starting it off with $500. Anyone wanting to contribute to that fund is welcome to send in their donation, properly designated. If you have a Special Project you'd like to start a Fund for, please notify the Board of your plan and we will work with you to accomplish it.
     Pumpkin Patch 2001!
            Sign Up NOW!

Yes, it's that time again, and this year we will once again be working the Pumpkin Patch as our annual fundraiser, in conjunction with Jeff Osborn and the Peppertree School.

Community support is needed! Last year we earned over $4100 for our efforts! That money was used to pay for the Ormsby Hill chip seal.

With no outstanding debts, this year's funds will be used to continue on with the Long Term Plan. And if we have a good turnout, we should have enough money to prep another area of road for a hard surface.

Please contact your area Director to sign up for work NOW! Set up is slated for October 6th and 7th. The Patch will then remain open until October 31st. This allows for three weekends to earn some big bucks.

We will need volunteers for:
  • Weekdays - 3PM to 9PM

  • Weekends - 10AM to 9PM
Our share of the profits is directly related to the number of hours we contribute in relation to the total number of hours necessary to run the Patch.

So let's all get out there and earn our share!

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Inch by inch, anything is a cinch!

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