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Night in San Francisco is a beautiful sight - as seen in these shots
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The beauty of the City at night
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San Francisco Walking Tour #3: San Francisco Night Splendor

  • $61.00/person
  • Ages 16 or older
  • Minors must be accompanied by adult
  • Please fill out our Online Form to make your reservation

The evening lights of San Francisco set against the city's hills look like sparkling diamonds on black velvet, someone once said. The crisp smells of the winter foliage and the invigorating night air are perfectly matched to the thousands upon thousands of evening lights. The quaint neighborhoods and beautiful Victorian homes of San Francisco are the ideal setting for an evening 'stroll'. This walk is especially captivating during the holiday season.

San Francisco Night Splendor is available throughout the winter months and takes place in the evening. The winter days, in addition to being relatively short, are often overcast, and there is less in bloom. Stairways Across San Francisco decided to fight darkness with darkness by offering a walk at night. In addition, we are excited to be able to incorporate rich concentrations of stairways into this walk that have not fit neatly within the design concepts of our other walks. They fit perfectly here. The tour contains over 100 stairways.

The tour assembles at 1 Market Street across from the Embarcadero Center, just a few hundred feet from the California Street Cable Car Turnaround, in downtown San Francisco. The tour takes place 'rain or shine'. Exceptions are made in the event of severe storms. The first stairway of the tour goes underground to the San Francisco Municipal Railway. From there it's a trolley ride to the city's Castro District, a neighborhood of breathtaking views and architectural grandeur. The circular-shaped tour then wends its way through a varied collection of beautiful neighborhoods. Stunning views are to be seen atop and below the many hills. The tour concludes at the same place it begins, across from the Embarcadero Center.

The Night Splendor walk seeks to balance the tranquility and the excitement of the nighttime in the safest, most charming, and most visually appealing settings possible within the stairways framework.

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