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Looking down a steep hill toward Alcatraz Island on Tour #1
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San Francisco Walking Tour #1: Border to Border

  • 7 - 8 hours
  • $78.00/person
  • Ages 16 or older
  • Minors must be accompanied by adult
  • Please fill out our Online Form to make your reservation

The Border to Border walk links together stairways from one end of San Francisco to the other.

The tour assembles at the exciting, newly-redesigned Union Square in downtown San Francisco. A short bus ride is then taken to a train station. Then it's a ten minute train ride to the city's southern border. During these rides tour guide DM visits with the participants to get to know them, talk about where they are from, and find out what interests them about San Francisco or about walking.

The walking begins with immediate stairway climbing and a weaving trek across the city on more than a hundred stairways. The scenery is spectacular, the urban form fascinating, and the physical activity challenging. Views are in constant change due to the up-and-down nature of the walk, and the meandering course of the tour allows for superb views in all four directions. In addition to the visual, consideration is given to how sound and odor affect the environment from one place to the next. And taste? Well, yes, there are two scheduled extended breaks. Participants bring their own food or are able to pick some up in one of the markets or restaurants at the break points.

The walk primarily crosses the southeastern and northeastern quadrants of the city, though western sections of the city are often visible. Those wishing to incorporate the western half of the city into their walk should consider the Circle in the Square. (Walk #2). The Border to Border walk is rich in stairways of many kinds and in a wide variety of settings. There is an assortment of beautiful parks and hundreds of colorful and architecturally noteworthy homes.

After countless stunning views, the walk concludes triumphantly at the city's northern waterfront. It's a good place to end, as you will be able to select from a vast assortment of restaurants as the capstone of your day and to celebrate that you walked from one end of San Francisco to the other! Cable cars, trolleys, buses, and taxicabs are all on hand at this point to take you back to your hotel or place of destination.

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'Country' Stairway   Natural Stairway   Colorful Neighborhood
Many visitors to San Francisco never get beyond its concrete and steel. This stairway, set in one of the City's many fascinating neighborhoods, appears to be set in the country.   Looking southeast toward the Castro District. These natural stairways facilitate movement over one of San Francisco's highest and rockiest hills.   Whether on hills or across flat sections, as shown, San Francisco is always a colorful city!

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