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Development Opportunity Patricia Passes Chamberlain's!
Really Care Management is in the process of creating an outstanding development opportunity in the San Francisco/San Jose, CA Area - Executive Retreats. As the Silicon Valley grows by leaps and bounds, there becomes an increasing need for companies to have options to offer their top executives in the way of bonuses, incentives, and perks. This need can be filled by the creation of Executive Retreats that will not only reward but also refresh and invigorate the executive, increasing his/her performance and productivity.

Executive Retreats can function in many ways. Not only will they serve as weekend or week-long Single Person Retreats, but they would also host Meeting Retreats, accomodating a number of executives gathered to listen to Guest Speakers addressing a variety of topics, such as Business, Ergonomics, Investments and Real Estate, or even Spiritually Uplifting Topics. These Guest Speakers would be able to deliver their messages in a restful, relaxed atmosphere creating a setting in which Guest Speakers and executives alike will be able to function at an increased level of clarity.

Our goal is to establish Equity-Share opportunities for corporations, businesses and individuals to invest in these Retreats and fill that need.

We are seeking investors, property owners and other interested parties to work with us to develop desirable properties for such Retreats.
Patricia Johnson, owner of Really Care Management, in an effort to continue her education is in the process of earning her Real Estate Licence.

In October, 2000 she took and passed with flying colors the Chamberlain's portion of the Real Estate Exam. This brings her one step closer to obtaining her license for the state of California.

We will continue to follow this story and post updates here until Patricia obtains her license.

Please check back here often to view her progress.
Guest Speakers Wanted
We are seeking qualified Guest Speakers to speak at our Meeting Retreats when they become available. We are looking for speakers on a wide variety of subjects such as Real Estate, Investments and other Business topics. If you are an experienced speaker on a related topic, and would like to take advantage of this auspicious opportunity, please contact us via the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.
Investment Properties
If you own an exceptional home and would like to open it up for Executive Retreats, or you are an investor who would be interested in an Equity-Share Investment, please contact us via the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.
By Patricia Johnson ~ Owner, RCM and Ergonomic Consultant
10 Simple Ergonomic Tips
Following are ten easy tips you can use to increase your comfort, health and wellbeing while using a computer.

  • Set your computer's font size to make it comfortable for viewing. If you can't do it yourself, ask a computer specialist to set it for you ... Visual problems are the first and foremost areas of complaint.
  • Monitor placement should be below eye level by about 3-5 inches. This also helps bifocal users. This position also helps your eyes to remain moist and reduces the tendency to look 'wide-eyed' at the computer. Blink frequently. Get special computer glasses which can be prescribed by your physician - AND make sure you get frequent check-ups.
  • Adjust the light/darkness settings on your monitor for comfort. Best viewing for long term use is a 17" monitor. Fluorescent lighting can fatigue eyes and reduce visual abilities for some people. If this is the case for you, try using a small desk lamp with a regular incandescent light bulb at your workstation. Ask facilities to remove some fluorescent lighting tubes if your area is too bright. Your monitor should be positioned at a right angle to the window or light source. Keep blinds closed while using your computer if your monitor faces a window.
  • Many people are sensitive to the sound of equipment running which could include a printer, CPU, copiers or any other equipment near their workstation. Equipment such as copiers should not be near workstations, but should be placed in a separate area/room away from workers.
  • Heating/Cooling ~ Many people are very sensitive to sensations of cold or heat. A well-designed office provides even, moderate room temperatures to increase comfort and worker efficiency.
  • Your chair should provide adequate back support throughout the day. Each worker should be fit to his/her chair. Feet should be flat on the ground or supported with a foot rest. Your forearm should be at a right angle to the desk surface, and your legs positioned at a 90 degree angle.
  • A wrist rest or articulating keyboard tray allowing adjustment of your worksurface should always be in place. Think of your ideal body position with your shoulder, elbow, and hip aligned for best position.
  • Never reach for a mouse, but maintain body position as described above. Experiment with the right-sized mouse for your hand size. Be aware of your own typical needs such as: if you frequently use double-clicking on a mouse, purchase a mouse that provides a one touch option.
  • Don't maintain a 'military position' throughout the day. Understanding good positioning doesn't mean you sit in the same position all day long. Allow alterations by adjusting height, back support, seat pan, and arm supports for variations. Try using a lap pillow for your keyboard. Take plenty of breaks ~ at least 10 minutes every 2 hours ~ by getting up and walking around. Drink plenty of water. Exercise by walking thruout the building or on your lunch hour. Avoid eating at your desk. Go out to eat or take your lunch to a table or bench outdoors.
  • Exercise is the key to reducing tension and stress. If exercise during the day is difficult, be sure you make up for it on off hours after work. Make a point of parking your car a distance from the building. Use stairs instead of elevators. Embarrassed to exercise in your cube? Go to the restroom and do some stretching exercises.
ALREADY INJURED? If your wrist rest is hard and not springing back to your touch, consider purchasing an ergonomically designed Really Care Wrist Rest ...
soft fabric and foam padding can make a big difference in your day!

I hope you will use these tips and find them valuable and helpful to you. These are just a few of the many ways you can ergonomically improve your working conditions to maintain your health and wellbeing and prevent injuries. If you would like further information, have any questions or would be interested in having a workstation evaluation at your job, please click here to view my Profile, arrange for an appointment, or send me an e-mail.

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