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The purpose of this award is to try to encourage good and ethical behavior. RCM and its judges can't always know what's behind the scenes of ANY business, nor judge the 'real' reason for an act that may have had some agenda other than ethics. We want to encourage any business to have an ethical approach in the way they do business. This is the basic approach of these awards. Our desire is to not criticize for inadequacies, but reward companies for trying to live up to good principles, and recognize 'goodness' as it appears, to encourage and recognize good leadership behavior, and reward those we can who demonstrate it.

This is not a platform to change any mission statement or worthy goals of any company,
as each company designs its own approach for what is considered important.
Our Standards of Excellence are a suggested map or pathway of ideals
that any company may wish to use in their decision-making.
Any organization is welcomed to add to this list at any time,
with mention that their company is currently pursuing this
avenue of excellence for themselves, their employees and their country.


To be eligible for the RCM Ethics Award you must first be advertised with Really Care Management in our Vendors Section. Each category will have an opportunity to win this award to be designated in January 2001. Please reference Vendors - List for specifics on how to advertise with RCM.

This award is to be given to exceptional companies or individuals, based on a checklist of ethical practices that the nominee must demonstrate while conducting daily business.
Key to winning this award is the candidate's ability
as a company to meet or exceed our Standards of Excellence.
Please click here to review these Standards to determine if your company meets the parameters
defined therein. (Companies need not meet ALL of these Standards.)

    Awards will be issued in five categories:

  • Very Small Business
    1-25 employees

  • Small Company
    26-100 employees

  • Mid-sized Company
    101-500 employees

  • Large Company
    501-1000 employees

  • Corporation
    1001+ employees

Companies participating must agree that Really Care Management
is allowed to publish their essays in our Essays of Ethics Section.

To view essays currently submitted please click on the link above.

If you feel your company has demonstrated outstanding ethical behavior during 1999-2000, please write a 250-500 word essay (double-spaced) stating what your company has done that would entitle you to win this honorary award, including details related to the Standards mentioned above.

Best essays submitted for the RCM Ethics Award will be published online, on an ongoing basis.
Any individual who wishes to vote for his/her own company,
must submit their vote and reason why in a 25 word essay.

(Really Care Management will not review nor publish any message of a derogatory nature.)

A panel is being developed to review all entries and remarks of voters.
If you have an interest in serving on this Ethics Committee,
please contact Really Care Management

Position of Honor

RCM will also be nominating companies and individuals we feel have shown exemplary ethics, and posting these nominees on our Position of Honor page. These Position of Honor recipients will not actually be in contention for the RCM Ethics Award unless they themselves choose to apply for it, but we still wish to honor them by informing others of their ethical business practices.

Really Care Management believes that if companies endorse some or preferably all of our Standards of Excellence in their ethical behavior, that profitability would increase and fewer illnesses and injuries would occur in the workplace, resulting in more healthy, productive work environments.

Thru programs such as this, we hope to inspire companies world wide
to strive for excellence in the workplace.

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

For more information on this prestigious award,
please contact Really Care Management

RCM cares about your opinions and suggestions, please feel free to e-mail us

E-Mail us at: Really Care Management


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