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Welcome to my Joey Lawrence FAN-Antics site
where we have tons of stuff for Joe FANs to do!


Welcome to our Joe TV Show Information and Opinion Center!

Always wanted to express how much you liked a certain TV show of Joe's??
Well now ya can!! :)
We also have polls on his television career and updates on new TV shows!


Just a quick update to let you all know that Joe is slated to be a guest star
on the Caroline Rhea show next Thursday, November 21st.

Check your local listings for time and channel!!! ;-)


Well, it seems as if Joe's new TV show, American Dreams, is a big hit!!
NBC got the highest ratings last Sunday for the debut show -
almost 14 MILLION viewers tuned in!! And Joe had a lot of screentime!!
Looks like he's going to have a pretty good sized role in it, which couldn't
please us more!! ;-) Great news, huh??

And if you want to see some screenshots from last week's episode,
just go to our JoeScoop Yahoo! Group to see them!
Kelly uploaded 17 of them!! Thanks, Kel!!


For those of you who have not yet heard, Joe will be starring in a great new TV Show this coming Fall Season!! We here at FAN-Antics are so excited that we will once again be able to see Joe on a new weekly TV series!!

It's a new show on NBC starting this fall called American Dreams that will air on Sunday evenings at 8PM/7PM Central, starting on September 29th - and it looks like an awesome show!! This show is Executive Produced by Dick Clark, who seems to have the 'Midas Touch' when it comes to TV shows, so it has an excellent chance of becoming a long running show, and the original clips from American Bandstand promise to entice a large number of viewers to watch the show regularly!! And Joe looks SO handsome in the promos, we can't wait to see the show!! *G*

Stay tuned - as more info becomes available we will be posting it here!!
And don't forget to scroll down and take our new poll concerning Joe's new show!!

AD Message Board Chat!!!

After the airing of the first show tomorrow nite - September 29th, we'll be online
on our message board to talk about the new show and share our opinions on it,
so be sure to come to the message board and let us know what YOU think!!
Click here to go to our new message board forum: JAM Online

AD News!!

This is what Joey will be doing on American Dreams. This news is straight from our friend Lori who is the webmaster of the site Lawrence Brothers Online

"Yes as most of you have already heard, Joe will be doing the TV series American Dreams on NBC this fall on Sunday nights at 8PM. It will be a one hour program set in the 60's about a young girl's quest to dance on American Bandstand. Joe will play the part of the producer of American Bandstand, Michael Brooks. He is in charge of organizing and setting up the dancers and acts that appear on the show. Donna is very excited about this series, she thinks it will be a great success and a good career move for Joey. She requests that you write to Joey c/o of NBC Productions. She did not have the actual address for me but I contacted NBC and they will get back to me shortly about where to send mail! Donna wants us to send mail there because 1) they will give the letters to Joe and 2) they will see what an asset he is to the show. When I get an address from NBC I will e-mail all of you again with it, before I put it on the site. I don't have any photos yet but will try to get some soon."

Well, there it is!!! The latest info!!! And as soon as she gets us more info we'll be passing it along to you immediately!! Thanks, Lori!

We at FANAntics have that snail mail addy for Joe!!
Want to congratulate him on his recent marriage?? His hot new show??
Just say Hi and tell him what a big fan you are?? Here's the addy!!

Joey Lawrence
c/o NBC Television
West Alameda Blvd.
Attn: American Dreams
Burbank, CA 91523 USA

Clips on American Dreams!

We found some great clips on American Dreams, some featuring Joe!!
Click here to check them out: American Dreams Clips!

VCR Alerts

To find out when Joe will be on TV - in addition to his new weekly show!! -
just click on this link to visit TV Now and check their schedule!

Be sure and take the poll below and tell us how you feel about Joe's new series American Dreams!!

American Dreams
Do you think you'll watch this show every week?

Yes - I can't wait to see it!
No - It doesn't look great!
Maybe - I'll wait and decide after I've seen it!

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