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Welcome to my Joey Lawrence FAN-Antics site
where we have tons of stuff for Joe FANs to do!


Want to know more about Joe?? His family??

Since we'd rather devote this site to fun, interactive and original things to do,
we've put a link below to a site that lists the stats -
in case you've been living in a cave and don't already have them all memorized!! ;-)

Absolute Joey

Well there is one piece of personal information we'd like to mention here at FAN-Antics ...
and that is to say CONGRATULATIONS, Joe!!
Too bad for us ladies, it seems as if Joe has gone and gotten married on August 24th!!!
But we still love him anyway and wish him and his new wife,
Michelle Vella Lawrence, the very best in life!

Also, congrats to Joe on graduating - if the rumors we hear are true,
Joe finally graduated from college - which he kept having to delay due to work.
Good for you Joe, for graduating and being a such a great role model!

And now ... on with the fun!! :-)


Did you know that it is til Joey's next Birthday!?!?

Want to write to Joe?? Congratulate him on getting married?
Tell him how much you like the new show after it comes on?
Well here's an addy you can use to send him snail mail!

Joey Lawrence
c/o NBC Television
West Alameda Blvd.
Attn: American Dreams
Burbank, CA 91523 USA

Be sure to take our Poll on Joe's Biography!!
How well do you know Joe?? :)
We want to know your opinion!! VOTE NOW!!

Joey and History
What kind of History does Joey like to read up on?

American History
English History
French History
Spanish History
Native American History
DUNNO! What's History?

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