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PetNet Outlet

PetNet Outlet has an wonderful selection of items to meet all your pet needs - all at DISCOUNT PRICES!! Whether you are looking for pet supplies for your pet, or shopping for that perfect gift for your pet-loving friends, this is the place to shop!!

They also offer extra savings by offering you: an opportunity to Enter for Free to win a $25 Credit, a Free Gift with your Order, Clearance Specials, and a $10 Off Coupon!!!

Below is a small sampling of these LOW COST Discount Pet Products - including Brand Name Products, dog food, cat food, dog toys, cat toys and pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses - all of them GREAT BARGAINS! All of the items pictured on this page are under $20! - and most are under $10!!


Kitties love to cuddle down into little spaces where they think they are 'hiding' so this soft comfy bed with high sides is just purrfect for your little furball! And the cover is removable and even machine washable, which means you'll love it too!   Are you tired of putting down food every hour for your kitties? Check out this self feeder! It provides a constant supply of dry food while keeping the food fresh, and eliminates the need for you to keep refilling their bowl! Under $10!!   Brushing your kitty regularly is ideal to help reduce shedding and cut down on hairballs! And most kitties LOVE to be brushed!! This slicker brush features soft stainless steel pins that are gentle on their coat! And it's under $10!!


All pups love their chew toys!! And they help save your furniture!! These Booda Velvet Bones come in four sizes [S-XL] and Five Flavors, are proven safe for your dog's digestive system [completely edible], are durable and leave no stains or odors! Made with cornstarch.   Love your pup but hate that 'doggy smell' they get in between baths? Well, here's your answer!! This pet cologne leaves a safe, pleasant and long-lasting scent on your pup to help control that 'doggy smell'! Now you can snuggle with your pup anytime, not just after baths!   No matter what the weather, your pup needs to be walked! You get to wear a raincoat in wet weather, so why not your pup too? And it saves you the trouble of drying them off afterwards, keeps them from catching cold, and cuts down on that 'wet doggy smell'!

Please visit PetNet Outlet for all your pet product needs - for your own pets or to find great gifts for your pet-loving friends - all at great LOW PRICES!!

Click Here to Shop!!

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