Studley's Tribute Guestbook - Page Two

Name: Wanda Studley
Sent: 6.35 PM - 3/12 2003
Studley was a beautiful kitty and what a great name he had, suited him purfectly

Name: Kali, Charlie, and Tammy
Sent: 8.39 PM - 10/6 2001
Dear Shirley & Doodle...our hearts go out to you for your loss...your tribute to him shows just 
how special he was, and we're sorry we never got a chance to meet him.

Name: Bridy and Family
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sent: 5:45 PM - 8/5
I did not know Studly, but I wanted to let you know I care.
*purrs* and headbutts.

Name: Stardust
Hometown: Towaco NJ
Sent: 12:15 PM - 8/5
Studley was such a beautiful boy, but you have wonderful memories of him. You know he will 
be waiting at the bridge, possibly sharing a saucer of cream with my Sammers...or even 
swapping "how to get white fur dirty" stories with my angel Maahes. Your tribute to him 
displays your love.

Name: Tik Tok
Hometown: Houston
Sent: 8:43 AM - 8/4
Another bright and shinning star is in the heavens...Studley shines on and on. Go chase a butterfly 
with Tikky for me!

Name: Stacey
Hometown: London UK
Sent: 1:33 AM - 8/4
To Studley

Thank you for all the purfect moments that gave me so much fun and so many smiles. Have a 
great time with Morgan at the rainbow bridge until Meowmie comes to collect you. I look 
forward to meeting you when I eventualy cross the bridge with my friends.

Lots of Hugs & Kisses

Name: Beth
Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Sent: 6:59 PM - 8/3
Dearest Shirley and Doodle, you have my thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out to you. 
I do so hope that Doodle will be able to befriend Gracie. We'll all miss Studley, and look back 
with fondness. ~hugs~

Name: FirstJest
Hometown: Hamburg
Sent: 7:24 AM - 8/3
Dear Shirley, thank you so much for giving me the address of this beautiful page. Studley must 
have been a wonderful cat, and your Tribute Page resembles this. 
Thank you for sharing it with me.

Name: Joe,Kathy Bennett & CissyGirl
Hometown: Santa Clara
Sent: 9:35 PM - 8/2
This is so hard for me because your considered part of the family. We are going to miss Studley 
very much, they way he looks a you when he wants attention and those chewy face kisses, but 
he's with Morgan on the other side of the bridge, playing and running and without a care in the 
world. I know he'll never forget the wonderfull life and home he had here with you. My heart 
goes out you and Doodle. We love you very much.
~ Studley ~
Be happy my chewy face friend your one of kind. 
We will never forget you!

Name: Tag
Hometown: CLAW
Sent: 11:04 AM - 8/2
The tribute page is absolutely beautiful. I didn't know Studley well, but I was a member of 
Purring Paws with him. Me and my brofurs and sisfur(Ned,Polar Bear,Killer) send our 
deepest sympathy. 
We know someday we will all meet at the Bridge. 

Name: Carole
Hometown: Franklin, MA
Sent: 7:14 AM - 8/2
In your heart you know that you did the right thing and Studley is at peace. May your warm and 
happy memories of him help ease the pain of his absence. "Gone but not forgotten - is what they 
always say. But why must one be absent - to be thought of every day? So shower loved ones 
with attention - each day of the year. Let them know that they are special - love them while 
they're HERE!" This is a little "motto" of sorts that I wrote to remind MYSELF of this simple concept. 
You truly did cherish Studley and he had a good life. God bless!

Name: CatAnna & Monday
Hometown: Mew York
Sent: 10:35 AM - 7/29
Dear Shirley and Doodle... Sympathetic purrs on the passing of your precious Studley. His tribute 
page is beautiful, just as he deserves! May your warm memories of him help you through this 
difficult time. We've added Studley to our own memorial page. Blessings to you, 
and all who love him.

Name: Nikita La Femme
Hometown: Oklahoma
Sent: 7:44 PM - 7/28
My brofur, Genghis Kahn, joins me in sending our deepest sympathy and purrs of comfort for 
Studley's loving family. He is not gone, just away.

Name: Myste & Twist
Hometown: Edmond, OK
Sent: 5:53 PM - 7/28
Oh, meewower! We were just becoming good furiends and already knew Studley was a furry 
special and neat cat! We feel privileged to have known him, even fur such a short time. Doodles, 
anytime you are lonely, let us know. Twist especially loves to yeow and Myste is furry good 
at listening. We know Studley will find lots to do on the other side of the Bridge. Especially 
since Morgan was waiting!!

Doodles and Shirley--We wish you much Love and Mewsic

Name: Prince Murph
Homepage: http://
Sent: 7:16 PM - 7/27
We were very shocked when we heard of Studley going to Bridge. We didn't know him well, 
but we knew he was a active member of CLAW and he was very talented. Our purrs are for 
Doodle and Shirley. We know it will take time to heal. 

Name: Pepper
Sent: 6:52 PM - 7/27
Studley, you will be greatly missed. I am glad I had a chance to work with you and Doodle 
on the 4th of July BBQ.

Name: The Crowley Cats
Hometown: Wise County, Texas
Sent: 5:54 PM - 7/27
It was a priviledge to know Studley. From the minute we met him, we knew he was a 
very special kitty. At first, we didn't realize that Studley was an older cat. Because of 
his youthful appearance and cattitude, he seemed much younger than his age. We will 
miss seing him at parties and reading about his adventures. Our thoughts and purrs are 
with his family; we hope they will be comforted by their memories of Studley and by the 
messages and tributes written by his many friends and admirers. 

Big Texas Purrs,

Shibui, Dobbin, Midnight, Bogey, & Frenchie

Name: Elvis and his Meowmie
Hometown: Boston
Sent: 5:08 PM - 7/27
We are so sorry for your loss. We know how you feel as we lost our Miss Jennie Kitty in January. 
Perhaps she and Studley are playing in the fields of flowers on the other side of the rainbow 
bridge. If there is anything we can do, please just ask.

Name: Flo, Levi & Maggie
Hometown: Florida
Sent: 4:52 PM - 7/27
We are so sorry to hear of your lost. Studley was loved by all. He will be missed. If there 
is anything we can do, please let us know.
Our prayers are with you.
Many purrrrssss,
Flo, Levi & Maggie

Name: Zena, Scraps, Bonique and Mommy Nancy
Hometown: Indiana
Sent: 4:35 PM - 7/27
Mew Studley--We had seen you and Doodle at many functions and wish we had known you 
purrsonally. We read you story and you was a furry special kitty and furry wuved by you 
Mommy. Fly high sweet boy and purrlease look up our brofur Bo.

Shirley--May the memories of the times you shared with Studley be evermost in your mind. 
Our heart goes out to you but one day we will rejoice when we will meet again. 
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