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$35 - $200 Set Up Fee (includes price of plants and containers, artistic arrangement in the location of your choice, and varies according to the type, number and size of plants you'd like to have)

$35 per month thereafter (includes all ongoing maintenance)

Therefore, you will determine how much your set up fee will be - If you are on a budget, and don't mind starting out small, I can provide you with clippings from my own plants and your set up fee could be as low as $35. If you choose to start off with a few medium sized plants and some smaller ones for just one room, your start up fee will be about $50. And if you prefer to have numerous plants in one or more rooms, including some trees, such as palms or ficus, your set up fee could be up to $200.

I will discuss your options with you to obtain the best effect at the best price - but the final decision on the number, type and size of plants will be yours, so you will be in control of your set up fee.

And you can choose to start out small and then change/increase the number, type or size of plants at a later date. If you choose to do this (and you are under no obligation whatsoever to do so), there would be another set up fee to cover the cost of the additional plants and containers. But my maintenance fee will always be $35 per month, no matter how many plants you have or what size they are, and this fee also includes all plant foods and fertilizers, and larger containers when your original plants outgrow their first ones - which they surely will!

I guarantee green, plush, living plants for the life of our affiliation.

Please contact me via e-mail by clicking here: Tazzy Be
Or call me at: 775-751-8160 or 702-807-7222
Or you can use my Toll Free #: 1-800-860-4000 ext. 480266
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