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I am happy you stopped by my web site. Hello to you, I am Jessica and I would like to design an Elegant Image In Plants for you.

But first of course, you would probably like to know if I qualify and why I think I do qualify to create a plant design for you.

Looking back, I can say I believe my mother was the most instrumental in cultivating my love of growing green things. As a child in the San Francisco Bay Area, I remember our sunny front porch with all of the plants and flowers lining the window sills, and the driveway lined on both sides with green and flowering things.

For my house warming gift at my first apartment, my mother gave me a large and deeply colored Coleus plant. It promptly died ... so I set out to find out why.

So for the past thirty years, I have studied just that - how to ensure that plants will not die and instead will grow and flourish - by reading books and articles and taking gardening classes at a local Community College. And the results were well worth my efforts because my 'green thumb' now reaches probably to the elbow on both arms! It is the thing I love to do most and I am good at it. I have even been known to be able to root and grow roses given to me in a bouquet!

Not to mention that my house and garden look like a jungle! Please click on the Elegant Images Showcase link below to view my first Showcase - my home!

So, I have decided to share the benefits of my knowledge with others by providing you with beautiful, healthy plants to increase the joy in your life. Also, plants are great for decorating and cost much less than artwork or furniture!

I hope you'll choose me to bring some living beauty into your lives.

I have designed an Elegant Image in Plants for Country Insurance & Financial Services, at 1321 S. Highway 160 #8 in the Hafen Commercial Building - next to the Nevada State Bank Building. I decorated Mike's office mostly with plants I have raised from clippings and some I bought from stores. I hope you will take a moment to have a look at my Country Insurance Showcase, as well as my own, and decide to contact me.

You can either view pictures of Mike's project on this website by clicking on the Elegant Images Showcase link below, or stop in their office. If you decide to stop in, don't forget to say Hi to Mike Plassmeyer while you are in there.

I hope to hear from you soon - you can either call me, e-mail me or fill out my convenient online request form. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time.
Jessica's Signature

Special note: If you like the design of my site, be sure to visit my web designer at Perfect Sites Web Design and have her design your site also. You will be happy you did.

I guarantee green, plush, living plants for the life of our affiliation.

Please contact me via e-mail by clicking here: Tazzy Be
Or call me at: 775-751-8160 or 702-807-7222
Or you can use my Toll Free #: 1-800-860-4000 ext. 480266
Or click here to fill out a short Request Form

Click here to view my Elegant Images Showcase

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