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Murals are one of my specialties and I was recently commissioned to paint one for a private residence. The client had a concrete rendered house, painted in earthy tones with a covered outdoor entertaining area at the back. One wall in the entertaining area had a wall mounted fountain and a large area of space on either side.

The client wanted something on the wall (which was 3.2 metres high
by 2.5 metres wide) to tone in with the rest of the house and if possible, make the area seem larger as she had seen elsewhere in similar situations.

Using light sandstone colours kept the area light and airy, giving the impression of being larger, as well as toning in with the rest of the house. The arch and pillars were used to frame the fountain and keep it as the main focus of the mural.

The mural worked well in the area and the client was very happy.

Please click here to View the Mural.

If you would like to commission me to paint a mural for your residence or business, please contact me via my e-mail link or by using my Online Form.

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