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Basic Photography Course for Beginners - A Fine Arts Elective Home Schooling Course
Basic Photography Course for Beginners - A Fine Arts Elective Home Schooling Course Basic Photography Course for Beginners - A Fine Arts Elective Home Schooling Course
Basic Photography Course for Beginners - A Fine Arts Elective Home Schooling Course

Course Overview

This is a Basic Photography Course, designed for beginners with little to no knowledge of photography or the art of taking good pictures. It has been created to fulfill a Fine Arts Elective course within a home schooling or charter school environment.

Possessing an aptitude for taking pictures can be helpful in any number of life situations, so this course can provide students with a skill that will prove useful throughout their lives. It could even be the beginning of a profitable, exciting career. Professional photography is a vocation that can be practiced in conjunction with any number of fields, which offers a interesting and varied selection of career paths to consider.

Material covered within this course:

  •  We begin with a comprehensive outline of: the history of cameras, the art of photography, and careers in photography
  •  A discussion of the physical structure of camera equipment, film, and digital imaging familiarizes students with the various parts of a camera and how it works
  •  Instruction is given in all aspects of good photographic technique - composition, lighting, focus, exposure settings, and more
  •  This course culminates with the implemention of good photographic techniques - which will be illustrated by the students taking various types of pictures including: portraits; action; flash; and night shots and interiors without flash - putting what they have learned during the course into practice

This course includes:

  •  One CD - containing the textbook with assignments written in MS Word - all pictures in the CD textbook are in color
  •  One B&W printed copy of the textbook
  •  Unlimited e-mail support is provided at no additional charge for the duration of the semester. Phone support is also available by request at no extra charge.

The students will complete the assignments in the textbook and can then e-mail them to me for grading and to critique the pictures. The curriculum includes both written and shooting assignments.

This course is graded on completion, not on talent, so if your child does not show a propensity for photography, this will not be reflected in their final grade, given that they complete all the assignments, and follow directions to the best of their ability.

A written grade will be provided if required for credit. If you are affiliated with a charter school that requires a written grade, please indicate that on the form, or mention it in your e-mail.

I am committed to ensuring that each student gets the full benefit of the course, and will do what I can to that end.

If you have questions, please e-mail me. If you would like to see an example of how the course is constructed, I'd be happy to send you a sample. If you'd like to order this course now, please click here to fill out the convenient Online Form.

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Basic Photography Course - Created and taught by Kitty A Stellby
A Fine Arts Elective Course in Beginning Photography
for use as a Home Schooling Course