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Serving the People of Pahrump, Nevada

Pricing List

Haul Trash $  15 Per Truckload
Pick-Up/Deliver Item $  20 Up to 30 Miles One Way*
Pack 'n' Haul $  25 First 2 Hours - Then $10 per hour
Haul 'n' Sort $  15 Per Truckload
Other $  ?? Let's Talk - Call or E-Mail Me!
* 31+ miles charged @ $.25 per mile

Whatever your hauling needs are,
Haulin' by Taz is here to help you and save you time and money!

I guarantee your valuables will arrive safely
and your trash will be disposed of properly.

Please contact me via e-mail by clicking here: Haulin' by Taz
Or call me at: 775-751-8160 or 702-807-7222
Or you can use my Toll Free #: 1-800-860-4000 ext. 480266

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