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Following specific guidelines proscribed by each client, I design web presences in a wide variety of styles. Some require a very businesslike approach, such as the site I redesigned for Val-Chris Investments, and some, while still remaining businesslike, can express a more casual look and still be effective, such as the site I designed for CR8APL8. Whatever your needs are, I can assure you that your site will be created to reflect the image you wish to portray and showcase your products or services to their best advantage, using a style suiting your tastes, coupled with custom graphics, ease of navigation, optimal load times and clear concise text. And while I will offer ideas and suggestions from a professional point of view, all final decisions will be yours.

To see examples of the variety of styles I have employed to create these Perfect Sites, please click on the links below.

Also please view the references provided by many of my clients
that follow the list of sites.

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Current Clients

My client Maria - and many other Macon, MO residents who participated - were organizing a celebration to commemorate their town's Sesquicentennial and needed a website that was interactive and easy to use, so everyone could submit content on both the town's history and their own personal memories via a simple online form. I compiled the data as it came in - wordsmithing, proofreading and categorizing the stories and restoring the coinciding photos [many taken in the mid 1800's!] so they would display properly online. I also designed The Maple Leaf Lounge, a unique feature that visually and audibly reflected the site's historical theme. First I created a graphic illustration depicting the type of entertainment establishments popular 150 years ago - then I added a 'jukebox style' musical selection function, allowing visitors to play musical selections of their choice that evoked an audible era-appropriate ambience. The selections are varied but include many pieces written by one of the most famous musicians - not only from the Macon, MO area - but of all time ... Scott Joplin. Therefore, I used Joplin playing the piano as the centerpiece of the lounge's visual presentation. The result is an effective and entertaining full sensory experience that was quite popular. Both the website and the celebration itself - held this past July during the week of the town's 150th birthday - were a smashing success, and now the website remains as a lasting tribute to their town, its history and all the time, dedication and hard work so many Maconites put into it. This was a very rewarding project and I was proud to be a part of it.

Macon Sesquicentennial Celebration Website

This is the second site I've done for George now - his extremely successful first site CR8APL8 features replica state license plates and custom license plates for cars and now he has branched out to include motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, scooters, mopeds and even golf carts! Since his car plate customers have been begging for m/c plates for years, we are confident that this site will soon be as popular as his original site! I used the same basic design so his excellent reputation would preceed him and everyone would recognize that the m/c plates were from the same fine vendor as his car plates.

CR8-APL8 Motorcycle License Plates

Marc needed a professional and 'well-organized' website that was optimized for success, so I created a new design for him and built the Before and After House - a unique way to display pictures of some of his projects prior to him starting the job, and then the amazing change once he was finished with their project!

Oasis Professional Organizers

Mike created a phenominal homemade hot sauce - using a unique process and peppers grown in his own garden, and started selling it at local fairs and festivals. The response was very positive, so he decided to take his business online! So I developed a 'hot' website for him that showcases his products in a thematical design that makes your mouth water, tells his story and has a PayPal e-commerce solution to sell his hot sauce to the world! I just hope he can keep up with production once the world finds him! Go Mike!!

Invisible Sun Hot Sauce

MPWR Clothing Company is a site that is realizing a long time vision for owner Cassandra. She works with young people and has a vision of a future world where everyone lives in peace - accepting of each other, welcoming our diversity and working together to create a world that is all about the positive - and this site represents the beginning of her rEvolution. She hopes to encourage all people to empower themselves to be the best they can and strive for success and happiness! And to help spread the word and finance this vision, she is selling some cool clothing that have sayings on them that are helping to send out her message. So I've done my part by bringing her vision to life on her site. I have also started working on Phase II, which involves a number of interactive features that are designed to further MPWR us!

MPWR Clothing Company

Kevin needed a website for his new IT consulting business, Crystal Lightning, LLC, that would impress his potential clients, while still offering them an easy to use, highly functional site. The site's design was inspired by his company name and incorporates a Flash element to create a dramatic effect that further brands his company name. Being a 'computer' person, Kevin uploaded the completed site to his own webspace and maintains it himself.

Crystal Lightning LLC

Cindy runs a non-profit, no kill boxer rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area, and her site was out of date and did not function properly. I did a complete redesign, including remaking her logo, and installed properly working forms and set the site up so she could work on it herself, since her successful rescue has dogs coming and going daily! Now her site is attractive, functional and easy for her to update daily.

Bay Area Boxer Rescue

This site was created for a band that I designed a website for ... but then they broke up! So I archived that site - see below - and now they've re-formed with most of the original members - so they needed another site! As always with this fun loving rock 'n' roll band, they wanted drama and in your face graphics, so it was a fun site to create!

King Money $hot

Chris Boulter needed a redesign to bring his site current with today's Internet standards, including a comprehensive navigation system and a facelift to present his investment services in a more attractive, professional manner.

Val-Chris Investments, Inc

John wanted a website that would showcase his superior chroming abilities and advertise to customers outside of his immediate area ... while impressing all his biker friends with the coolness factor of his site.

West Coast Chrome

George Ades wanted a fresh, jazzy look for his website - that sells unique one of a kind 'Genuine Replica License Plates' for street rods, show cars, race cars and really, any car! He has been supplying Hollywood with his replica plates since 1983, and decided to share them with the world by creating a website to showcase them. Personalized with up to nine characters in raised lettering just like the DMV issued plates, these plates are available for all 50 states, the US territories and the Canadian provinces too - so he wanted an eye-catching site with easy navigation, and lots of color and fun that would appeal to car lovers everywhere!


Noreen had purchased the rights to this informative e-book, and wanted me to give the pre-designed site a facelift to make it more attractive - and make sure the text was concise and error-free.

33 Days to Online Profits

For VaNessa's site, she wanted a warm welcoming design combined with ease of use to make her visitors feel comfortable.

Inspired Clarity Coaching

Stephen and Stacy needed an update for their site, to bring it current with today's standards, including e-commerce capabilities and the all-important links page. Their graphics also needed refreshing and I added a fun yet subtle original sound file that I created to the opening page.

Bow Wow Botanicals

Open Paws Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization that takes in and cares for abandoned and lost pets and as well as rescuing them from kill shelters, until they can find them 'forever homes'. I was happy to donate my services to this most worthy cause.

Open Paws Pet Rescue

This was a complete redesign for a private investigator, Greg Yancey, whose site was outdated and needed a complete overhaul - including logo, graphics, layout, navigation and updating the content. To view Greg's website, please click on the link below.

Gregory Yancey Investigations

These are a couple of sites I designed for an enterprising woman named Jessica Burgess from Nevada who wanted a site for each of her local businesses in her hometown of Pahrump, NV. The first is for a service to provide healthy plants and maintenance thereof to local businesses and homes, and she wanted something personal yet professional.

Elegant Images in Plants

And this one is for her hauling service to provide help to the large sector of retired people in her community, and for this business she wanted a professional, yet 'neighborly' site.

Haulin' by Taz

This site was designed for a wonderful Australian artist by the name of Luke Barker, who does amazing paintings in a variety of mediums on a multitude of subjects. He needed a website to properly showcase his talent, while retaining a good load time. He requested a design in royal blue and terracotta, provided some basic text and his profile and let me use my imagination for the rest. He is very pleased with the results and has already sold some paintings!

Artwork by Luke Barker

For the complete redesign of Bobby's two portal sites, his main concern was a very quick load time, while still offering his visitors animations and custom graphics to entertain as well as inform them.

Bobby Bravo Presents Six Figure Income

Bobby Bravo Presents Cognigen

Archived Sites

These are websites I designed that are no longer active. So I'm offering archived versions of them here.

Sadly, this client, William Goedike, passed away with his loving wife at his side on September 12th, 2003. Since there was no one to carry on his businesses for him, these three sites have been closed - but I leave the archived versions here as a memorial to a fine gentleman.

For Bill's third project, he wanted to update his existing site to bring it current and create a fresh new design.

DreamCruises 4 U

For Bill's second site, he wanted to provide his site visitors with the some of the most profitable business opportunities, all on one site. So I created a comprehesive, quick loading site with easy navigation and attractive graphics.

MO$T Profitable Business Opportunities

For his new site, Bill wanted to compile an assortment of carefully researched links to provide his site visitors with a guide to some of the best, lowest cost discount shopping on the Internet. And since I knew that his visitors would want to get right to the shopping, I created a comprehensive yet attractive and quick-loading 'Shopping Mall Directory' to link them to the stores that have the items they were interested in purchasing.

Low Cost Discount Shopping Mall

Unfortunately, this client also passed away, from breast cancer, so her site is no longer active.

Sheri's original site was extremely poorly designed with no navigation, no content and many bad links - I redesigned her whole site from the ground up, which she was quite pleased with.

Authentically You

This project was done as a donation to a wonderful non-profit organization called Aussie Boats for East Timor. This organization is intent on helping the ravaged people of a small island above Australia called East Timor. They took donations to build fishing boats for the Timorese to help them regrow their economy after being devastated by an Indonesian takeover. I was happy to donate both my time and expertise, and of course my webspace, to support their worthy cause. They wanted a site that would be attractive and simple to understand and navigate. This project was so successful that it is no longer active now, as they have done all they could to educate the people of East Timor and they are now self-sufficient!

ABET Queensland

I updated this site, ABET New South Wales, which is the sister site of the ABET Queensland site I did last year, as another donation to this wonderful cause and of course it too is now archived and inactive as they have completed their mission successfully.


Tammy runs a unique animal rescue in Indiana - first, they don't have a building to work from so they keep all the pets themselves until they are adopted, and not only do they rescue, but they will also search - so if you are looking for a particular type, breed, age or gender of pet, they will search animal shelters and other rescues in the hopes of matching you up with the exact pet you wanted! And this dedicated lady needed a website to help spread the word about where they 'show' the pets [a couple of stores let them set up and show off their adorable adoptables at prescheduled times!] and to provide an online application for their adoptive parents! Unfortunately, due to some legal difficulties she had to deal with as a result of a nasty, uncaring and unprofessional person she had brought into the business with her who turned on her, she had to take my site down completely - and due to the exhorbitant expenses she incurred as a result of these legal proceedings [ over $2000!] - she could not at that time afford to pay for an entirely new site, so her nephew put up a temporary site under a different name until she can afford to have a new site professionally designed. My prayers and well wishes are with her for a speedy recovery from the financial fiasco she has suffered and for the continued success of her rescue.

Perfect Paws Pet Rescue

Jack needed a website that would showcase all the hard work he has done for his clients ... instead of making his clients wade thru dozens of travel insurance providers, he has thoroughly researched ALL of them and selected only the best to put on his site. He also specializes in helping disabled, senior and women travelers as he feels these groups are often ignored, so he wanted to make sure he found the best insurance to meet all their needs. He has now decided to pursue other interests.

Jack Conte Travel Insurance

This project was for an enterprising and creative gentleman named Dennis Macheel, who had created 'Walking Tours' of San Francisco, CA that focused on fitness and were connected by stairways! He had very specific design features in mind, including layout, colors and text, so I worked closely with him to create his site in the exact image that he had envisioned. Unfortunately, he changed directions in his pursuits so this site is now no longer active.

Stairways Across San Francisco

This was VaNessa's first site, but after the birth of her baby, she passed on the torch for this cause to other capable people so she can spend more time with her precious child.

Foundation For Youth Involvement

Kitty had created a one page template site to advertise her photography course - created as a Fine Arts Elective for home schoolers - but wasn't getting any customers! I created a full-fledged website for her that is fun, easy to navigate and informative. She was getting hits regularly and was quite pleased with the response, but her life has now taken her in another direction so she didn't want to offer the course at this time.

Basic Photography Course

Judy had purchased a shopping site with a preset template, and she asked me to create a logo for her shop, optimize her site for the search engines using META tags and keywords effectively, set up a Mailing List, and find ways to work in unique design techniques so her site wouldn't look quite so 'cookie-cutter' - within the parameters of the strict structure inherent in the site. While I wished I could have done even more to emphasize the uniqueness of her site, the restrictions of the site prohibited it, but she was still quite pleased with what I was able to do for her. Judy was so displeased with having to work within the confines of the store package she bought that she decided to close the site. Her promotion at her 'day job' has kept her busy, but we will be designing a new site for her in the near future. I was not able to save a copy of this website as it was not accessible.

Grandma Wolf's Gift Shop

Kevin Murphy needed a website to promote his small publishing house, that has just released a wonderful new book titled Our Last Promise - A Father and Son's Journey of Hope, which is a true story about one man's family dealing with the loss of a loved one to cancer. In appreciation of this, I also created the page on his publishing site that deals with this book as a separate site with its own URL, so it could be easily located on the Internet either via the book name or the publishing company. Unfortunately, a poor host was responsible for the demise of this site, but he hopes to reincarnate it in the future. He is currently pursuing his career as a professional poker player.

Blue Hudson Publishing

For the update of the RCM site, Patricia wanted a very professional look that also expressed friendliness and invited visitors to stay and take advantage of the many services she offers. She also needed a quick load time and simple unconfusing navigation to ensure her visitors could easily and quickly access whichever page they needed. Patricia then decided to go her own way, contacted me about redesigning her site again, but then decided that she could not afford to do so at that time.

Really Care Management

This was a fun site to create - for a band! They needed a logo and required easy to use navigation for their fans who are not computer savvy. I used my creative license to create a visually stunning backdrop, so this project really showcases my graphics artistry. This band broke up so I archived the site. They have now re-formed, and I've designed a site for the new band - which you can view here: King Money $hot


This site was created for the Summit Road Association, a non-profit organization serving Summit Road on Mount Madonna in the Santa Cruz Mountains where I lived. Here we wanted to give the site a 'homey' feel and provide interactivity and timely posting of information to the members of the Association. The Association is currently under new direction, so the site is on hold at present.

Summit Road Association

This design project was the creation of a website for a journeyman electrician who wanted a friendly, yet professional, well organized and informative site. This gentleman has since changed career direction, so he no longer had need of the site.


These are websites that I designed that are no longer under my control, but being maintained inhouse. So while there may be new content I am not responsible for, the original design remains intact.

Joe wanted a site to advertise his warehouses for lease and his everchanging stock of used commercial/industrial equipment - so I made that happen for him.

DMRoth Warehouses

When Tony approached me, he actually had two sites, and neither seemed complete without the other, so I created an entirely new design and married the two into one highly functional site that sells flags to help raise money for Vets.

US Veterans Network & Flag Depot

KLA Healthcare was a great project, and working with Sharon Lusk was a joy. Then shortly after the site launched there was a shuffle within her company and she was no longer liason for the website and the new person had someone else he wanted to maintain the site, so it is no longer in my care, although my design remains intact.

KLA Healthcare

Maureen is a self published author that needed a dual site - she wanted general information on the publisher's site, with her book having its own domain name for high visibility on the Internet. So I created a site within a site! She also needed graphics created for printed media so she could print up stationery, envelopes, postcards and flyers - which is an additional service I offer my clients - so she can do some high impact marketing offline as well as online with her website. Maureen is a smart lady!

Enrichment Books Publishing
Conscious Courage

Patriotic Pastime is about just that - the pastime of one woman, Liz Jackson, to show her patriotism to her country! She needed her site redesigned to have heart to properly showcase the little clay HeartStones she makes and gives to our troops as they deploy. Her old site was flashy and did not properly showcase these little hearts to their best advantage. She also makes HeartStone Pins and Necklaces to sell to the loved ones left at home, so they can honor their family and friends fighting for our freedom. So I did a complete redesign of her site to reflect the heart that she puts into her HeartStones. And then she believed lies about me and now the site is no longer under my control, which is sadly obvious as it no longer is the polished site it once was.

Patriotic Pastime

This is the second incarnation of Johanna Uribes' website - she decided that she would change her marketing focus to target industry people rather than individual customers, so this is the new design. We kept some elements - but removed the e-commerce portion of the site and 'slicked it up' for the pros! Then she wanted to take over management of the site herself, but the main redesign I developed for her is still in place.

Artwork by Johanna Uribes

[NOTE: Johanna decided she wanted to change her marketing strategies and target industry people as opposed to individual customers, so I did a complete redesign of her site, which is linked above.] Johanna Uribes is a talented artist who needed a website to properly showcase her amazing artwork in paintings and prints. She paints in a variety of styles ... from beautiful landscapes that make you feel you are a part of the scene, to a series of paintings of boxers called Jazz Dogs that makes an interesting connection to jazz, to a series of surrealistic, dream-like fantasy paintings called Psycho-Baroque - that intrique you and take you into another world. With this range of styles, her basic design needed to be elegant but subtle so as to provide the perfect backdrop for the various styles of art. She also needed an easy to use e-commerce solution for her customers to purchase her paintings and prints from her online gallery.

Images By Juri

This site had been originally sketched out by a designer who specializes in Flash - but David did not want to use Flash, so he hired me to recreate the design in an HTML based format. I added numerous design elements and reworked the original design to bring it all together and ensure the attractiveness and flow of the site - which was very important to David - being a designer himself. Due to restrictions imposed by the original designer, he was not allowed to display my link and acknowledgement on his site - but feel free to e-mail David to confirm that I did indeed create his site by clicking here: David Kaplan

David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC

This was a small redesign job for a client who had created a nice site for his business - 6 years ago - that needed a new logo and page graphics, a quick and simple navigation system, and a quick load time to bring it current with today's Internet standards. Due to the fact that it was a small site, only five pages, the revision was completed in three days for a very reasonable cost.


For Premier Recycle, Christian wanted a simple design for a three page site to advertise his business. So I designed a quick loading, user-friendly site for him.

Premier Recycle Company

Client Comments

"... Im a pretty skeptical person particularly where my money is concerned. After giving Shirley a deposit to build another web site I had buyers remorse. I built a semi-custom site and spent more hours than I remember just putting the text together. I have composed numerous direct mail pieces, ads etc. and consider myself a very good copywriter. Shirley took the text from my old site and re-did it along with building a site above my expectations. Shirley had an insight into my business that surprised me. And shes one excellent wordsmith. "

Jack Conte, Owner
Jack Conte Agency *NOTE: We have not yet launch my redesign of this site!

"... In your copywriting, you have included things I never would have thought of to sell my ideas. I just gave you the basic thought and you have created these sites as though you had the idea to start with, not I, yet my personality is reflected in each of the pages ... "More ...

Jessica Burgess, Owner
Elegant Images in Plants and Haulin' by Taz

Regarding the LCDSM site: "... It is perfect, you are everything you say you are and more ... I finally found the BEST in the business and she is working for me ..."

Regarding the MoPro Biz Opps site: "It again is better than I thought it could be - you are the best ever ..."More ...

William Goedike, Owner
Low Cost Discount Shopping Mall and
MO$T Profitable Business Opportunities

"The site looks great! ... "More ...

Luke Barker, Artist
Artwork by Luke Barker

"... You have a wonderful way of taking data and putting it into clear, concise information ..."More ...

Patricia Johnson, Owner
Really Care Management

Following are some links to sample pages of graphics I created for free at the request of webmasters owning personal sites. (Only personal, non-profit websites are eligible for free graphics.)

I offer this service as a courtesy, and also to sharpen my graphic skills. While the subject matter is most definitely not professional, these examples should offer you an insight into the scope of my graphic abilities and creativity.

To view some of the custom graphics I designed thru my Free
Custom Graphics program, please click on the banners below.

Custom Graphics Sample 1

Custom Graphics Sample 2

In addition to designing all the custom graphics on these sites, I also did the basic layout and HTML coding too. I thought they would be a good showcase for my layout and navigation skills as well as my graphic abilities.

Custom Graphics Sample 3

Sandy's Playground

Perfect Sites is proud to have received the following awards.

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