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Walking Tours of San Francisco
Stairways Across San Francisco - San Francisco City Walking Tours
San Francisco Walking Tour #1: Border to Border San Francisco Walking Tour #2: Circle in the Square San Francisco Walking Tour #3: San Francisco Night Splendor

San Francisco Walking Tours -- Connected by Stairways!

DM Footworks    

Fitness Walking Meets Urban Geography

Stairways Across San Francisco, a service of DM Footworks, offers exciting walking tours of San Francisco that emphasize climbing and are concentrated on stairways in particular. San Francisco is known around the world as one of America's great walking cities. At forty-nine square miles it is a relatively small city. But it is the second most densely populated city in the United States -- and one of the hilliest.

An Unparalleled Experience

Whether you choose the Border to Border Walk, the Circle in the Square Walk or the Night Splendor Walk, you will enjoy a unique adventure that you will never forget.

Three primary characteristics distinguish these tours:

  • They are designed for the physically fit.
  • They consist of dozens of public stairways and the best-designed routes to link these stairways together.
  • They are the longest and most comprehensive San Francisco walking tours available.

Principal tour guide DM has designed these walking tours of San Francisco to be challenging, interesting, and fun --

Challenging because of the long distance involved and because of the continuous movement over many hills over a number of hours. The climbing of some of the individual hills may be challenges in themselves.

Interesting because tour guide DM has expertise in the social, economic, and spatial dynamics of neighborhoods and cities. He is knowledgable about San Francisco and can readily discuss how it is similar or different from other cities.

Fun because DM seeks to understand what is most enjoyable for each participant and he works to provide it. He likes to entertain. For many participants, the scenery alone will be a source of fun.

Is English not your first language? No problem. The fun and interesting aspects will take on different forms for participants with limited English language abilities. In addition, there may be participants that are less interested in these features and wish to take the tours mainly for the physical experience and the scenery. DM welcomes and encourages these and other situations.

San Francisco: A City Like No Other

San Francisco is considered one of the world's most beautiful cities. These walks enhance that beauty in ways that typical San Francisco tourists will never realize. Literally hundreds of possible paths have been explored to find the best possible link from one stairway to the next to create the best routes overall. Each tour contains over 100 stairways.

San Francisco is not merely beautiful, it is also one of the most interesting American cities you will ever see. The tours are focused on many unique and interesting things, and DM encourages your questions!

Stairways Across San Francisco believes that the hills of San Francisco are something to be confronted and celebrated. It's one of the things that sets it apart from other San Francisco walking tours, just as San Francisco's hilliness sets it apart from many of the other great walking cities of the world. The up-and-down nature of these walks make for an endless and ever-shifting array of spectacular views across San Francisco and the bodies of water that surround most of it.

These tours are the ultimate in fitness walking. The in-shape, curious-minded participant will begin to develop an understanding and appreciation of San Francisco's incomparable physical form and beauty, social and cultural fabric, variation of climate, and much more -- all while engaged in a challenging and extraordinary physical experience. The tours will leave you exhilarated -- triumphant from having met and conquered the physical demands, and mesmerized by the wide range of sensory surprises. Stairways Across San Francisco hopes that you will always associate the experience with the name San Francisco.

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