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Pricing Information

First, we'd like to explain that giving out exact pricing
information, over the internet or over the phone,
with the project sight unseen and specifics unknown,
is impossible for anyone to do accurately and fairly.
Many factors, too numerous to list, must all be taken
into consideration when estimating the cost of a project.
That said, we'd like to list a few general guidelines
which will basically list low-end and high-end estimates.
Here are some examples:
  • Basic Service Upgrade:   $900 -1200
  • Portable Spa Installation:   $500 - $1000
  • Add A Dedicated Circuit:   $100 and up
  • Basic Service Call:   $100
Other aspects of electrical work have too many variables
to bid on accurately in a general arena such as this.
Anyone who quotes you a set price for a project,
without prior knowledge of that project, is probably overcharging you.
Those type of estimates are based on the highest cost
for the most difficult and challenging project.
If yours is not such a project, you will be charged too much.
This is why we offer our short, simple Free Estimate Form,
so you can describe the details and specifics of your project,
and receive an accurate estimate.
While keeping it brief, the more details you can provide
the more accurate the estimate we can provide for you.
If you feel you have a complicated or problematical project,
and would prefer an On-Site Free Estimate,
please use one of the e-mail links at the bottom of any page
to send us an e-mail with your request,
or you can call us at: 408-848-4438 to make your request,
or you can check that box on our Free Estimate Form.

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