Welcome to the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!
Welcome to the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!
The City of Maples Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary!

Make A Tax Deductible Donation & Support Our Sesquicentennial!

We Are Now An IRS 501(c)3 Group - So All Donations are Tax Deductible!

We are extremely grateful to all of our generous supporters and appreciate every donation we receive - no matter how small or large - so we would like to thank each and every one of you and honor all of our Sesquicentennial Celebration Special Friends whose support will greatly enrich this historical event.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce we have found a way to do just that! We accomplished this by forming a small number of Benefactor Appreciation Clubs - plateaus that define levels of patronage.

Better yet, donations are cumulative - and July is still four months away - so there is plenty of time to donate additional gifts and advance to more prestigious Benefactor Appreciation Clubs if you wish!

For example, by donating $100 a supporter will automatically become a member in good standing in the Community Pride Club. Then, when that same benefactor later pledges an additional gift in the amount of $50, they will move up to the next level - becoming an esteemed member of the Sesquicentennial Club. And consequentially, if the same patron were to contribute another $100, they would then be elevated to the highest pinnacle ... and welcomed into the Founders' Club!

To allow us to publicly acknowledge every benefactor in each of these esteemed Clubs, and bestow on them the heartfelt gratitude and recognition they so richly deserve, we will be posting - and constantly updating! - Sesquicentennial Benefactor Rosters which will be prominently displayed at most of our exciting Sesquicentennial Events ... and will proudly list the names of all our amazing contributors at the time of each event, including the Benefactor Level Club designation each has achieved up to that date!

The Benefactor Appreciation Clubs' Monetary Tiers

  • $250.00 and up ~ Founders' Club
  • $150.00 - $249.99 ~ Sesquicentennial Club
  • $100.00 - $149.99 ~ Community Pride Club
  • $10.00 - $99.99 ~ Patrons' Club

Two Convenient Ways to Donate!

You may either make a convenient online donation using your personal check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card via PayPal - or send in a personal check or money via postal mail.

To make a secure online donation, just click on the button below which will take you to the PayPal site. Once there, you will be asked to enter the dollar amount you have chosen to donate.

Or you may also send your donation directly to our new Treasurer, B.J. Roberts, by making your personal check or money order payable to B.J. Roberts, and mailing it to the address below:

B.J. Roberts
1202 West Bourke
Macon, MO  63552

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our Benefactors!
Working together as a caring, public spirited community, we believe
we can make this the best Sesquicentennial Celebration ever!

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Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Macon, Missouri at the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!