Welcome to the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!
Welcome to the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!
The City of Maples Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary!

A Brief History of The Chariton Valley Telephone Company

By Donna Bell

The first meetings that led to the formation of Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation were held at the Macon Courthouse in the early 1950's. Twelve incorporators were named, each of whom agreed to purchase one share of stock and contribute a certain amount of equity so that the company could become incorporated and begin business. It took about two years to get all the necessary papers drawn up and on November 22, 1952, the company was authorized by the Missouri Secretary of State to do business as a telephone corporation under the Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation name.

Over the years Chariton Valley has evolved into more than just a telephone company, offering a full array of telecommunications services including internet, cable TV, long distance and wireless services.

In 2002, Chariton Valley made a tremendous commitment to Macon and made Macon the first community in Missouri to have fiber-to-the-home services. In addition to providing you with a more reliable, lower maintenance network, the capital investment Chariton Valley made in your neighborhood added to the value of your overall community. Chariton Valley is proud to provide Macon access to the best telecommunication network in the state.

Our commitment goes beyond the services offered as Chariton Valley is anticipating the grand opening of its new headquarters, located at 1213 East Briggs Drive in Macon, this spring. The new building containing 17,420 square feet will house the executive offices and board room and will accommodate up to 48 employees. It will also include the Macon Retail Center which provides customers a one stop advantage where they can pay their phone bill, purchase cell phones and other wireless items, subscribe to cable TV and high speed Internet, or become a Chariton Valley Telecom customer in Macon.

The Board of Directors and employees of Chariton Valley extend sincere appreciation to the community of Macon for the warm welcome received and we wish to congratulate you on your 150 year milestone!

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Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Macon, Missouri at the Macon, MO Sesquicentennial Celebration!